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want to charge your phone at the bar? you may have to pay, one way or another.

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-24
It\'s not free to charge your phone at the bar on hast Street.
When the battery runs out, customers who need to upgrade must pay the price.
Their dignity is the price.
Tired of the need to keep charging your phone
Then, once the phone is juiced, the owner will be tracked --
Bartender Russell De Leon purchased a striped top hat of all colors, a la \"Cat In The Hat \".
Anyone who wants to charge must wear a hat as long as the phone is plugged in.
\"We won\'t bring you difficulties, but we won\'t charge if you don\'t wear a hat,\" said owner Tony tomerden . \".
\"My wife had to wear this hat.
\"When choosing whether to wear an ugly hat for a while, or not to be able to text, Snapchat or slide on Tinder all night, people always choose hats.
Embarrassment is fleeting, and it is fleeting without Instagram.
Once your phone is juiced, you can find out what you like by posting photos of yourself wearing a shame hat.
There is a clinical term for a crash that can be used to describe this uneasiness: no fear or no fearmobile-
Fear of not being able to use a smartphone.
Caglar Yildirim said: \"Nomophobes feel very anxious when the phone crashes because they tend to have a strong desire to be available at any time, stay in touch and have information at any time. PhD candidate for human studies at Iowa State University
Computer interaction.
Of course, our collective phone addiction is nothing new.
What changed was the expectations of the customer.
In short: everyone thinks that every place should be able to charge their phone every time.
Not just the restaurant: I used to have a text conversation with a friend who was suddenly silent.
When she returned to the exchange 20 minutes later, she apologized: her battery was low, so she handed the phone over to CVS pharmacist for charging.
Paul Carlson, Vinoteca\'s boss, said: \"People always use mobile phones, but it\'s not as part of everyday life as it is now,\" recalling eight years ago, when he opens the Northwest Washington bar and bistro, he occasionally gets a request for an exit.
Nowadays, \"they always ask where the nearest plug is.
\"His bartender makes multiple requests every night to charge the phone behind the bar.
He often sees half in the restaurant.
Unattended, plugged into wall sockets.
That\'s why last year, when he opened the new restaurant Royal restaurant in the northwest, he made sure to install sockets near each table and other seats in the bar.
No problem if people need a charger
His staff just pulled one out of the charger left by other guests.
Not every restaurant is so accommodating.
Some bartenders believe that the constant demands for fees interfere with their ability to do their job.
Especially if the customer asks politely.
\"There was this attitude just now, for example, \'What do you mean, you don\'t charge this phone? \'?
Tomelden said he was referring to the guests who didn\'t believe him in the hat.
\"They were rude at the beginning --
Jo said: \"Adding a little bit of alcohol at this point can get worse --\"
Jo Valenzuela, vice president, Washington, D. C. C.
Craft Bartenders Guild
\"You should be much more polite if you want something like this.
Valenzuela always provides accommodation for guests, but sometimes in the evening he receives up to five calls --
Charge within one hour
More than the number of available chargers or sockets.
Bartenders used to keep lighters for guests who needed to smoke.
\"Now, when I look after the bar, I bring the charger,\" Valenzuela said . \".
Last year, at the Hitchcock restaurant in Seattle, chef Brendan McGill spoke on Facebook about a restaurant\'s role in cell phone charging: \"People seem to write about their personal devices, ask him if he should \"make some breakthrough policies for using our well, such as $5 menu fee\"
Inventory of electric charging stations?
In the end, the restaurant\'s solution was less controversial.
\"We ended up buying a charging system,\" McGill wrote in an email . \".
\"It works very well.
\"Battery anxiety gave birth to MicroCompensation industry-by-the-
Phone charging lockers for minutes.
Portable Battery
Or better, free. bar outlets —
It is now a basic facility for restaurants and bars.
\"This is the new coat hook,\" said Fritz Brogan, who has a mission in Dupont Circle and Hawthorne on U Street.
He installed regular sockets and USB sockets on each seat of the latter.
Brogan used to lock the charger on the wall during the mission, but said a guest stole it within four hours of installation.
He used to have the bartender charge his cell phone behind the bar, but it was too much trouble.
\"Things are moving slowly,\" he said . \"
\"Other customers are annoyed that their drinks are not pleasant enough.
Moreover, he did not want to be responsible for any accident.
\"We had an incident where someone spilled wine on their phones.
\"Customers want us to pay for it,\" he said . \".
Several times, the phone mysteriously disappears from behind the bar.
\"We ended up paying for it,\" he said . \".
\"That was the last straw.
According to hotel partner Stephen O\'Brienindustry-
Mallios & O\'Brien, a law firm that provides mobile phone charging services-
Instead of just allowing customers to use their sockets with their own chargers --
Face risks bravely.
\"Once the business takes over the property of the customer, the business has a responsibility to manage the property reasonably,\" O\'Brien said in an email . \".
\"Failure to take reasonable prudent measures to make the enterprise liable for the value of the property.
Still, he doesn\'t necessarily recommend that all bars refuse to charge their phones.
\"Paying for occasional accidents is a reasonable price to make customers happy and stay in the bar longer,\" he said . \".
Also, as evidenced by Yelp reviews of several bars in town, a refusal could harm a business. High-
End the cocktail bar, like the Columbia Room in Derek Brown, downtown Washington, never refuse to charge the phone
Not only because they are in the hospitality industry, but also because of their customers.
Brown recalled the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday when two lawyers came to the bar and had been on the phone.
\"I have to take care of them because they have important jobs,\" Brown said . \".
You do need to charge if you are in the bar, etiquette expert Lizzie Post, greatgreat-
Emily\'s granddaughter offers some common
Wise advice: Ask politely, she said: \"Wait until the bartender is not too busy . \".
If they refuse, accept it politely.
If they agree, \"Don\'t let them be your personal secretary\" and check your text messages or messages for you.
\"I wouldn\'t have put it there for the night either and enjoy that comfort,\" she said . \".
The same advice applies to airports, concerts, or anything else that you see people gathering around the store.
But the last suggestion should not be said if you are in the bar: OK, tip.
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