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Uv Water Sterilizer of Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-15
The working principles of automatic self-cleaning filter are as follows: Uv is a kind of electromagnetic wave with the wavelength range of 16 ~ 397nm. It has a rather low photon energy which is not enough for ionizing atoms or molecules, thus it belongs to the category of non-ionizing radiation. Uv can be divided into four subcategories according to its wavelength: A wave, B wave, C wave and vacuum ultraviolet, among which C wave ultraviolet is used for Uv sterilization. The wavelength range of C wave ultraviolet is 200 ~ 275nm, with the wavelength range of 250 ~ 270nm being the strongest sterilization band. In this band there will be an enough dose of Uv irradiation to liquids or air which can instantly destroy the DNA and RNA in the tissues of all kinds of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Once the viruses or bacteria under the irradiation of this waveband Uv absorb more than 6000 ~ 10000U.W.sec/cm2, their life central DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) will be destroyed which will further immediately cause their death or loss of reproductive capacity. Uv sterilization belongs to the category of broad-spectrum sterilization. It can kill all kinds of microorganisms, including bacteria, tuberculosis, viruses, spores and fungi. As a member of Uv sterilizers, automatic self-cleaning filter has these following characteristics. Firstly, they can kill all bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms quickly and effectively. Secondly, they can effectively degrade the chloride in water through photolysis effect. The quality of water after dealt with using Uv water sterilizers can meet the health standard for drinking water. Thirdly, the operation of Uv water sterilizers is very simple and the maintenance is also quite easy. Fourthly, this equipment can process large amounts of water requiring only a small floor area. Fifthly, Uv water sterilizers are non-polluting and environmentally friendly. No toxic side effects will be produced during their work. Sixthly, the employment of this equipment requires low investment cost and also low operating cost. The installation of it is very easy. Seventhly, Uv water sterilizers are designed with a unique wall treatment process using the optics principles thus water in the chamber can make full use of the ultraviolet to the maximum extent and the sterilization effect will be doubled. Following aspects should be taken care of during the maintenance for Uv water sterilizers: (1) Inspect the equipment regularly in order to ensure the normal operation of Uv germicidal lamp. (2) The Uv lamp should be replaced after continuous use for 9000 hours or one year to ensure a high rate of sterilization. Special attention should be paid to the equipment in that the ultraviolet should be sustained in the working state because repeated opening and closing would adversely affect the working life of ultraviolet germicidal lamp. (3) During the replacement of Uv lamp, the power of Uv water sterilizers should be unplugged firstly before taking the Uv germicidal lamp off. Pay attention not to touch the quartz glass of new Uv lamp with the fingers, because the stain will affect the Uv light which will further decrease its sterilization effect.
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