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Uses And Functioning Of High Pressure Autoclaves

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-15
Autoclaves are instruments that are used to eradicate all forms if microbes which includes fungi, viruses and bacteria. These instruments are broadly used in chiropody, dentistry, body piercing, tattooing, and mycology. There are different types of technologies that are used in the process of sterilization. Technologies such as chemical sterilization, heating and ultra-violet light are used in the process of sterilization. High pressure autoclaves can reach the desired temperature that is higher than the boiling point which will not only kill bacteria but also bacterial spores. The basic function of autoclaves in laboratories is to make items such as glass ware and equipments used in surgery, free from infection and contamination. There can be different types of autoclaves with different features. They are based on a principle that the boiling point of water tends to increase when it is below pressure. For instance, at 15 pounds of pressure per inch, the boiling water definitely increases from hundred degrees Celsius to say one hundred and twenty degrees. At this level of temperature, all forms of life can be killed within fifteen minutes. Equipments used in laboratory and hospitals require high pressure sterilizer and these devices are autoclaves. These autoclaves are computer controlled and are extremely energy efficient .They are even provided with the facility to program recording interval with several other options to suit individual requirements. The system even offers the feature to adjust or select any baud rate for any serial communication port. As mentioned above, there are technologies that are used in the process of sterilization. It is not always necessary, that heating would be the best option to perform this task. There are cases, in which heating damages the materials and these materials can be in the form of plastics, rubber optics and fiber. However, when heating damages these materials, chemical sterilization is used, as these materials need external venting systems that indeed remove all the chemical agents from the sterilizer. And, ultra violet rays produce UV rays that create a lethal effect on unwanted diseases, which completely destroys microbes like bacteria, fungi, pathogens, yeast and protozoa. Apart from these technologies, heating is considered as the most suitable form of sterilization. In the entire process, time plays a critical role, as it is important to find out what time is needed to sterilize an equipment. Another important factor, that is extremely important is, safety. It is significant that the personnel should wear proper equipment while loading these devices.
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