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by:ShunXinda      2019-08-29
Who would have thought people would go to ga just ten years ago-
Ga on the phone?
In the United States, there are some camping activities, queuing up on the street, becoming the first person to get the new iPhone from Apple, and it is clear that for many, the phone is no longer just a communication tool --
It has become a respected accessory.
Of course, some people want more than just a device that can make voice calls or process text messages, but more and more people want devices that help them work, entertain them on the road, and look and feel good.
There are two reactions from manufacturers.
On a purely technical level, by packaging more and more features and features, on an aesthetic level, by making them fashionable statements like technical equipment.
So, it\'s no wonder that these days, with a certain degree of hype, the launch of new mobile phones has become a media star.
Australians will have to wait for their turn to get the iPhone, the iPhone is not yet available for date, but in other cool models we don\'t lack the option.
This week\'s technology inspection focuses on three attractive mobile phonesthe feature-
The latest version of Nokia N95, LG\'s fashion manifesto Shine and businessman\'s best friend BlackBerry 8800 gives mobile enthusiasts an idea of what\'s available. 1.
In addition to the usual telephone service, the Nokia N95 is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, a variety of digital media players, FM radio and built-in GPS.
Almost all bases are covered with USB (
Mini USB connector via standard
Give Nokia extra points for this)
, Bluetooth, 802. 11 Wi-
WiFi and HSDPA that support 3g fast wireless Internet access.
There is also a headphone socket that can be used as audio-
Video output so you can connect it to the TV.
Despite the LED flash, the n95 camera took excellent photos for the phone.
It is excellent in movie mode and supports high frame rate (up to 30fps)MPEG-
4 by 640 pixels at 480.
Shooting the video at this speed will chew the memory very quickly, so it\'s good for the N95 to have a 1 gb micro computerSD memory card.
Built-in GPS uses a custom map app to download data as needed.
Because of this, it\'s a good idea to book in advance
Load the map with a special Nokia app to avoid any serious impact on the arrival of the data usage bill.
The performance of the N95 as a media player is admirable and despite its lack of native support for AVI files, it supports many other image and document formats (
Such as Microsoft Word and PDF)
As well as audio for MP3, audio and AAC. The 240 by 320-
The pixel screen is clear and can be easily viewed from multiple angles, and can be easily switched from portrait to landscape mode, which is very convenient when browsing the internet.
And high
3G Internet and Wi-
Fi, the N95 becomes a powerful portable browser, although the lack of a qwerty keyboard will slow you down.
Some suppliers also advance
Load N95 with a powerful set of connection applications.
Hutchison Whampoa 3 is bundling Skype, Orb (
For remote access to files on PC)
And some other online services, as well as fairly generous data subsidies (
If you are covered).
All of this electricity has a price and you can pay for it with a shorter battery life --
The N95 is a hungry beast that may need to be charged every day. -
Features: 2.
LCD display, 5-
Built-in megapixel camera
Support price in GPS mapping, GSM and WCDMA: $ 1379Web: www. nokia. com. auScore: 8/102.
Guess how LG\'s latest charm phone won the LG ShineNO Award-
It\'s actually the second Black Label series after chocolate. got its name.
More accurately, KU970 is a mobile phone that is as attractive as you can see in the market (
Not too feminine or masculine in its appeal).
Shiny brushed metal case, mirror screen, slider control, what else don\'t like besides fingerprint attraction?
In fact, leaving fingerprints aside, this phone has achieved a rare combination when designed with the fashion market in mind --
Its metal case and slider design, while very attractive, also has high functionality, adding to the robustness that many similar phones lack.
Most importantly, this is not backward in technology (good-
Look, but there is no substance)either.
This device has full 3g and HSDPA support, which means it can cope with such high challenges
As the ultimate service of the series 3 X service.
Equipped with a 2 megapixel autofocus camera, a music player and 512 MB of in-house storage, this phone is clearly ready to meet the needs of most casual, business and lifestyle users.
These are in a very thin package. 13. 8mm thick -
It\'s easy to put in your pocket.
No phone is perfect.
The lack of a Qwerty keyboard prevents it from becoming a real business smartphone, and the range of features it\'s able to offer does drain its energy.
But hey, I\'m looking for something to criticize so as not to be accused of being too bold.
When everything is said and done, I rarely like to use a mobile phone like a LG gadget. -
Features: 2.
2 in mirror LCD screen, 2-
Support price for megapixel camera, 512 MB memory, 3G and HSDPA: $ 899Web: www. lge. com. auScore: 9/103.
BlackBerry 8800 before the phone, the etiquette rules say \"hello\" and \"Hello\" are the things to do?
\"When you call.
The phone changed this.
It\'s more likely now that \"where are you?
\"What are you busy ? \"
\"Or just compress it. \" Hey, what?
\"But phones like BlackBerry 8800 with a map feature can give the caller a precise answer about where you are, or even a GPS location.
More importantly, these locations
Looking for gadgets
GPS or phone tower.
Can help us find a way out in unfamiliar areas, and this feature will definitely attract travel executives to customers they have never been to before.
That\'s why I want to try Blackberry 8800.
It is equipped with two Map Systems, Google Maps and BlackBerry Maps.
There is no BlackBerry map in Australia, but most of us know our hometown.
Positioning devices can be more useful when we don\'t know where we are, so maps overseas may be what we want.
Unfortunately, there was a technical glitch with the BlackBerry 8800.
The Web won\'t let me download Google Maps that works in Australia.
I have seen it on the other 8800 phones and I know it works but it doesn\'t happen to me because there are some conflicts in the system due to my failure to eliminate the fault
Register my SIM card from the BlackBerry Pearl.
My biggest negative for 8800 is the keyboard.
It has a full qwerty layout, but the digital phone key is offset to the left
The hand side and numbers of the unit only account for half a key.
The numbers are small-
It\'s about the same size as this newspaper.
Once the key is hit, the visual feedback on the screen is more like a subtitle, but the first time you click on the right key you need to carefully pick with the side of the thumbnail.
That is to say, most phones are played using address books, and the central navigation ball is as intuitive as these things.
My rating is a conditional Seven Stars and I\'m sure it will be higher when I get the map feature to work. -
Vincent blakespecficationsfeatures: complete qwerty keyboard with built-in
GPS, microSD slot, GSM/GPRS/EDGE-
Starting price: $ 899Web: www. blackberry8800.
ComScore: 7/10 conclusion there is a lot to recommend for all models this week.
However, when it comes to detail, the technical check likes a mixture of the robustness of technology, look and shine.
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