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usb type-c: what you need to know

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-04
For many years, the shapes and sizes of the smart phone and computer connectors vary.
But now, a new connector called USB type
C is becoming the standard that all your electronic devices may use in the future. The USB Type-
Recently, Apple released the new MacBook prolaptop with only ports for the new connector (along with a 3.
The audio port is 5mm different from the new iphone).
Many consumers complain, so Apple has recently cut the price of the adapter it needs to connect old devices to a new laptop.
Many consumers are still confused about the type
C connectors and what makes them different from all the other connectors.
USB type, Ready or Not ready
The e-store will be full of C devices, cables and chargers during this festival.
So what you need to know about the type --
C connector to avoid confusion of gadgets: What is a USB connector?
USB represents a universal serial bus.
USB, which was first launched more than 20 years ago, has become the standard way to connect printers, scanners, storage devices, smartphones and other gadgets to computers and AC sockets.
If you plug the keyboard into the computer, the USB port is used.
USB connectors come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Largest, Type-
A. is A flat rectangular plug familiar to most people (
And always insert backwards).
The smallest is 5-pin Micro-B. What Is a Type-C Connector? Type-
C. simply refer to the shape and size of the connector.
This is the latest USB, much smaller and much shorter than the traditional USB
Connectors that most people still use. USB Type-
C was launched in 2014, but it really took off this year.
Now this is happening with Apple laptops, Google\'s Pixel C tablets and Pixel phones, HTC and lg smartphones, and some laptops from Dell and HP.
Why can it beat Type-A?
Type of problem-
One connector is that they are too big and too troublesome for many new devices, especially smartphones. Type-
C. try to solve this problem.
What are the benefits of Type-C? Type-
The C plugs can do the work of any other USB connectors, but they are small enough to fit on the phone and computer.
Their size and Micro-
Half the height of type B-A ports.
This means that electronics manufacturers no longer need to use micro, micro and other types of USB ports.
In the end, you should be able to pack fewer cables in your travel bag, leaving more room for snacks and cheap paperback.
One more benefit: USB Type-
The C plug is reversible-
Not upside down, so they will work no matter how you insert them. Do All Type-
C equipment works the same? No.
There are many kinds of speeds for transferring data via USB Type --
C Cable and how long it takes to charge the device. Type-
The C connector will work with a device that supports USB 2. 0, USB 3. 0, and USB 3.
1. this is the standard for controlling the speed of data transmission.
The higher the number, the better the performance. With USB 3.
0, the maximum rate at which you can transfer data is 5 gb per second.
The latest standard, USB 3.
1. the data rate is twice as high as 10 gbps.
Keep in mind that the slowest device controls the speed at which data moves.
So if you plug your new laptop into your hard drive after USB 2.
0, the maximum rate is only 480 megabits per second.
Now, the fact is that your files don\'t move from device to device as quickly as the spec suggests.
So it\'s better to think of these as relative numbers. USB 3.
The speed of 1 is twice that of USB 3.
0, the speed is 20 times that of USB 2. 0.
To add a lot of trouble to this discussion, USB Type-
The C port on the new macbook pros is used as the Thunderbolt 3 port.
They support speeds and USB types up to 40 gbps
The cables of C and Thunderbolt 3 can be exchanged.
You can usually identify USB 3.
The X device passes the blue plastic label inside the port.
How about charging with Type-C?
Like data, the amount of electricity that can flow through the type-
The C connector depends on the device you are charging.
Maximum 100 watts-
This is enough to charge most laptops. Other USB Type-
C The charger can provide less power such as 45 or 60 watts.
Electricity can flow in any direction and data can flow along it.
Some USB ports and cables also support \"alternative mode\", which allows data to be transferred in other forms in addition to USB.
This includes video and audio, which is why you can connect the display port display to the type of MacBook-C port. And USB Type-
Port C will soon be able to support changes to HDMI signals used to carry hi-def video.
Called HDMI Alternate Mode (Alt Mode)
, The new device that supports it should appear next year. Are All Type-
Is the C connector of the same quality? No.
It depends on whether the manufacturer and connector meet the technical standards.
Earlier this year, there was a lot of discussion online about USB types --
The C adapter has caused serious damage to people\'s electronic products.
In these cases, the problem is that the product is poorly designed and manufactured, including cables that look like USB type
But the standard was not actually met.
A Google engineer provides public services by looking at many different cables, and he is still a good source for USB Type updates --C news.
Jeff ravenk, president and chief operating officer of USB
If, say, stick-
Well-known brands may be a good idea, even if they cost a little more.
\"If you buy a USB cable from a jar near the cash register at the convenience store and it\'s cheaper than a bottle of Coke you also buy, you might think twice before you do it, he said.
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