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usb mini fan

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-01
This mini fan is made of a DC motor for a bad toy car.
It works fine and it works fine when you work on your computer.
The speed of the motor is very good, it will not heat up due to the use of the 470pF capacitor.
The tilt of the fan blade determines the air flow.
Fan blades are tilted at an angle of 45 degrees.
To make the bracket for the fan, I used the following items.
A piece of PVC cut from the surface powder container for the manufacture of fan blades.
A small PVC box with weight inside, used to make the base of the bracket.
Metal door handle for increasing the height of the bracket.
The connection above is a wooden strip with a connection to facilitate up and down movement.
Two pairs of nuts and bolts.
A thin PVC sheet that holds the motor in place.
Two thumb nails to keep the wires in place.
Door handles and wooden strips are secured with four tin screws.
This is the view in front.
The total height is 9.
Cms 5 inch or 24.
To make the fan blade take a thin piece of PVC and draw the outline of the blade.
Cut the blade with a hole in the center.
Dip one side into boiling water and twist clockwise.
Do the same on the other side.
Fan blades are ready.
This is the rear side view of the fan.
Here you can see that a 470pF capacitor has been used and connected to the two terminals of the motor.
Thumb nails are used to hold the position of the wire.
In this side view you can see the distortion of the fan blades.
The fan is complete and ready to use.
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