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USB Extender Breaks the Distance Barrier and Extend

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-17
A USB Extender permits the connection of 1 to 4 USB peripheral devices to a host machine located a good distance away. Are all the USB devices closing in on your workspace? Wouldn't it be great to be able to relocate these devices away from your personal work space? Or perhaps you are a technology support person wondering how to provide USB connectivity from one device located in a secure room on one floor with the other device located three floors away on the first floor of manufacturing plant. A USB extender is used to connect USB type devices to components that are more than a few feet away from each other. Sometimes referred to as a USB 2.0 Extender, these devices extend the connection of high speed USB devices up to 330 feet away. This is done using inexpensive network cables type Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6. USB extenders are used in all types of applications such as in the medical, military, and signage industry to name a few. There are single ports, two ports, or four ports USB Extension products. It's not unusual for critical computer and servers to be housed in a controlled area. However, the device that supports the operation of the system requires human interaction and is located a few or hundreds of feet away. Kiosks and point of sale machines are a great example. There may be a cash drawer up front, but the controlling machine is in another room. The cashier needs to open and close the drawer with a USB keyboard or mouse. A USB Extender makes it possible for the drawer to be in the front of the store and the POS server in a back office area. These extenders are compatible with most operating systems. They are plug-and-play meaning that the OS recognizes the device and doesn't require a complicated configuration routine or even a reboot. The male connector plugs into the computer and the female connector into the supporting device. Single port USB extenders do not require additional power. They share the power from the host computer. Multi-port USB 2.0 extender solutions require additional power provided through an external power source. Installation is simple. Just plug in each end of the appropriate plug for the respective component. If a multi-port USB Extender is used, plug it into power and the extender. Of course, since you will be a distance away from the controlling device it may be helpful to have a second person at the other end confirm the equipment is functional.
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