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USB cable production process in detail

by:ShunXinda      2020-04-12
Shun cinda main: all kinds of USB charging line, USB cable, USB extension cable, USB cable, USB3. 0 cable, USB3. 1 cable, Type C cable. All types of wire has its own production process, today to introduce you to a USB cable production process: < / p > 1, the USB cable used bevel cut demand by wrong twisted-pair cable length, at least 0. 6 meters, not beyond 100 m at most. And then application of twisted pair wire stripper to remove the husk of the twisted pair 2 - 3 cm. There are some on the twisted-pair cable contains a soft nylon rope, can use lighter to burn or careful cut loss. If you are in stripping twisted-pair cable sheath, feel exposed local is too short, RJ - whammy in manufacturing When 45 joints, can hold twisted-pair cable sheath, and then hold down to the bottom of the nylon thread to skin peeling, can get a longer exposure line; With a barrier line can do will be ruined. < / p > < / p > 2, after the completion of the USB cable stripping of twisted-pair cable. < / p > 3, and then dial the line operation. Will be exposed in the twisted pair orange on the front of the line dial to me, brown dial to the line bias toward oneself, green strip off to the left to the line, blue strip to the line to the right. Connection: the country: orange left: green: brown right: blue. < / p > 4, put green and blue on line to the line in the center position, and orange and brown insisted on not move to the line to the line, wiring passed, the left one: orange left 2: blue left three: green left four: brown. < / p > 5, and carefully peel away each pair of lines, white line in the front. Because we are in accordance with the EIA/TIA 568 b specification to create joint, so the line of color is inevitably passed. < / p > 6, will expose the USB cable twisted pair with shears or diagonal cutting pliers cut out only about 14 mm length, was left this length is in order to fit into the EIA/TIA specification, you can refer to the relevant with RJ - 45 joints and twisted-pair cable manufacturing specification were introduced. Ultimately then twisted pair in each thread in RJ - Within 45 connector pins should be put inside the first pin white orange line, other and so on. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > < / p >
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