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USB Cable - Everything You Need to Know

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-16
The humble USB cable is truly the workhorse of the modern computer age. Originally designed in the mid-90s, it quickly became the standard when it came to connecting peripheral devices such as scanners, printers, keyboards, mice, MP3 players, and digital cameras to computers. While the plug that goes into the computer is standard, there are a variety of different connectors used to connect the USB to the peripheral devices. The most common of these is the B connector which is used on most large devices such as scanners and printers. An individual interested in replacing a USB cable so that they can connect smaller devices such as smart phones or digital cameras will want to take note of what type of connector their device uses. Most cell phones and smart phones utilize what is known as a micro USB connector and, in most cases, a single micro USB cable can be used for a multitude of different devices. Of course, there are those devices that do not work well with generic cables which means that it may be necessary for an individual to purchase an OEM replacement in order to enjoy continued connectivity between their device and their computer. Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a USB cable is that there are efforts versions available. The most common USB cable on the market today is the version to which can transmit up to 480mb per second. This is often referred to as High Speed USB. Relatively new to the market is version 3 which can transmit an impressive 5 Gb per second. Computers more than a couple of years old most likely do not have a USB 3.0 port, but 3.0 cables are backwards compatible meaning that they work just fine with older devices even if a high-speed USB port is not available. When replacing a USB cable, the factor that most often affects the cost of the cable itself is the link. Determining the proper length of a cable will mean that an individual needs to examine exactly how they intend to use the cable. For example, an individual looking to purchase a replacement cable for their smart phone may want to consider purchasing one that is a bit longer than what they previously had so that it is more convenient to use. A cable that is going to be used to connect a device that is not likely to move will not need to be as long.
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