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us cable guy slams apple for arrogance

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-30
Former Apple\'s \"chief evangelist\" Guy Kawasaki was in Sydney MCA after talking to Vodafone.
Kawasaki lift iphone 5.
Image: Mark EvansSource: The Daily Telegraph, which helped build Apple worship, slammed the new iPhone 5, saying its controversial new connector cable proved the company\'s arrogance.
Speaking at an exclusive luncheon in Sydney for 30 Vodafone winners, former Apple official \"evangelist\" Guy Kawasaki said, he was \"disappointed\" by the company\'s decision to replace the connection slot on the new iPhone 5, forcing customers to buy new cables.
\"The thing about this connector, I think, is pure arrogance,\" Mr Kawasaki said . \".
\"They said \'We want to save space, how many pins are there from 30 pins to now \'.
OK, if the goal is really to save space, why don\'t you go to Micro USB like everyone else in the world, we can all get a cable at 711 for $5.
\"But no, you have to have a proprietary one.
I don\'t understand. it will ruin my brain.
It\'s just arrogance and I\'m very disappointed with it.
Mr. Kawasaki said he was responsible for \"maintenance (Apple)
Mackintosh cult \"told The Daily Telegraph during two years of working with the company in 1980 and 1990,
Criticism of new cables is not only unfair to consumers, but also irresponsible to society.
\"I believe there are some engineering reasons for this, but if you look at the total cost of the world, I don\'t know how you can do it,\" he said . \".
\"There are millions of cables out there, millions of docks, and each host needs a briefcase, a home, a car, an office, so there are really four cables
\"It\'s not that the cable issue may worry Mr Kawasaki --
He uses Samsung s3.
\"I threw away my iPhone about a year ago --
\"I prefer Android,\" he said . \"
At the same time, iPhone users around the world have complained about Apple, with gaps and scratches on their shiny new phones.
Frustrated buyers chose the Apple product\'s message board to complain about slight but annoying wear and scrapes on the side of the device or near the antenna mark on the screen.
According to posts on websites such as MacRumors, most of the issues seem limited to the black version of the iPhone 5.
\"My today is here and there are some small scratches in the box.
MacRumors commenter spr97 ajm wrote: \"It looks like they have broken the anodized coating that is placed on the screen, and there is also a small mark on the lower back of the glass section . \".
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