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university at centre of potential data breach after usb stick \'goes missing\'

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-18
A leading university experienced a potential data breach after a USB stick containing \"confidential\" details of up to 900 students was lost.
NUI Galway, which has more than 18,000 students, confirmed in a statement on their website that USB may contain student names, student numbers, and exam results.
It is understood that the \"misaligned\" memory device contains details of up to 5 PCs in the student group, about 900 students.
\"NUI Galway has recently suffered a potential leak of personal data.
Encrypted portable devices (USB stick)
May be used to store confidential documents containing the student list.
\"The device was placed incorrectly and is now considered missing,\" the college said in a statement . \".
\"While the university is not clear about the contents of the portable device, it may have saved a file containing the name of the student group about 5 pc, the number of students and the results of the exam.
A nuig spokesperson confirmed that all students who might be affected had been notified and reported the incident to the Data Protection Commissioner.
They said: \"The university has taken into account the seriousness of the issue, which has also been reported to the office of the Irish commissioner for data protection, which has considered the issue and issued guidance.
It is understood that the incident will be reviewed \"to ensure that such incidents do not occur again \".
\"In addition to the employee data protection training program and online security training, the university has developed strict policies related to the use of portable devices,\" they said . \".
The letter was sent to some of the affected people, which The Independent saw.
That is, to inform students that this information may include the results of each module and the overall results. Student Union (SU)
The chairman of NUIG Megan Reilly said that SU\'s goal is to work with the college to ensure that the review continues.
\"The college is calling for a comprehensive review and we are calling for them to ensure that the review is successful,\" Reilly told The Independent . \" MS. ie.
\"It will explore why this is happening and make sure that these things communicate with students as well.
We need to look at the process.
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