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Ultralux FX - Cable Descramblers and How they Work

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-16
When a descrambler is added to the Cable Converter Box in the same chassis, or in the case of the Ultralux FX, it is an all in 1 unit that does it all, it is referred to as a Converter/Descrambler or sometimes a Combination Unit, and is a type of Set-top box, it allows : local broadcast channels, basic cable channels, authorized premium channels, 'Pay-Per-View' (PPV), and 'Video On Demand' (VOD) services to be viewed. A Combination Converter/Descrambler is generally called a Set-top box or STB it is a single (one-piece) system installed in a single cabinet and represents a single component that is capable of descrambling premium services, like HBO or Showtime, pay-per-view cable channels., Video on Demand, Games or other specialty pay services, and transposes the cable signal for RF output on channel 3 or 4. This unit contains a converter and a descrambler, enclosed in a common box and outputs the signal directly to your TV, VCR, DVR, PC, DVD or video projector. If you want to understand the way a cable descrambler or a cable network works, we are here to explain the simple reason behind the image on your TV set. In order for you to have crystal clear image on your TV set, a cable network is the first necessary thing. Cable TV companies install cable lines all over cities, running from one neighbourhood to another, from one house to another. All these cables are forming the cable network, through which the TV signal is permanently running. That fact that a cable has TV signals running through it at all times doesn't necessarily mean that you will have image on your TV channels. Every cable company is protecting its incomes and profit by using a simple method: scrambling all the TV signals that run through the cable lines. This is the reason why you have image on your TV and your neighbour doesn't see a thing on his TV set, although you both own the same cable equipment. The cable company has descrambled the TV signal for you, but not for your neighbour. And by installing a cable descrambler in every house, this problem is fixed. Every client has a cable descrambler>/a> attached to the TV set, but not all of them are activated. When you pay the cable bill, the cable TV company is sending information through the cable line that is activating your cable descrambler. And this is how you get image on your TV. If you are wondering why a cable company is scrambling the TV signal, well the answer to this question is simple: money. Cable TV companies, as any other company, want to have profit. They can not have this unless they charge a fee paid by their clients. If they hadn't scrambled the signal running through their cable network, every person would have had image on their TV set without paying a dime. Therefore, the TV signal is scrambled. So, a Ultralux FX cable descrambler is a device that is transposing the TV signal into image. Cable companies use ultralux fx cable descramblers for pay-per-view and premium channels too. cable descramblers and how they work
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