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Types of Computer Cables

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-18
Nowadays, different types of computer cables can connect devices to the computer without compromising efficiency. Technically, computers with FireWire or IEEE 1394 ports are those that are compatible with faster network adapters that give way to faster data or file transfer rates. Actually, you can have the 1394 net adapter with its appropriate cables to connect one or more computers with a computer network. The adapter and its cables are designed to give you a better way to transfer files at higher speeds especially when they are too big. Compared to USB cables and adapters, these are able to handle more data rates. The plug and the port types of computer cables and adapters can also work like your regular ones that can connect your computer to more FireWire devices even if you have a single port. Just make sure that you have the right one that is either a 1394 net adapter plug or the 1394 net adapter port. The plug one works by connecting to directly to your computer. It also uses a plug so you can connect to a digital device's FireWire port. On the other hand, the port one is able to connect your computer using a cable and it technically offers the FireWire ports that allow you to connect your digital devices to your computer for data transfer. You need to make sure that you choose something that can handle faster transfer rates when browsing for different types of computer cables available. Remember three principles: The right cable, the right adapter, the right speed.
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