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Type of cable wire core phone decryption

by:ShunXinda      2020-03-30
First there are many kinds of mobile phone cable core line sort, there are good and bad. Better with tin plating copper, aluminum, magnesium wire, enameled wire, copper wire, copper foil wire, bare copper, silver plated copper. Almost of copper clad steel, copper iron. Selected for different use of cable wire core is also different, generally use the wire core cable use basic it is tin plating copper, bare copper these use. Our elegant and cable manufacturers are generally chosen tin plated copper wire core, good quality and the charging current is very large. < / p> usually we buy cable from the outside looking at good, but you can't judge internal quality is good, it is impossible to just buy the cable in order to see the internal quality of the data line and data line open it, and it's fine if it is very cheap, the line that is recommended not to buy used, one is the poor quality, slow charging, and it's easy to bad, more important is can cause damage to your mobile phone battery, do more harm than good. < / p> < / p> phone cable wire is divided into two parts, the internal wire core and external insulation skin ( Be outside) 。 Internal thread core is the use of tin plated copper wire, for internal wire core ( Conductor) : wire core is as thick as possible, because the wire core is coarse, can pass the greater the current, cable for mobile phone charging speed will be faster. < / p> at the same time, good quality cable will also add a layer of aluminum foil shielding layer and the metal weaving nets, charging, the transfer process is more stable. So, good cable will be relatively coarse. < / p> but does not rule out some 'dirty' extreme conscienceless cable, deliberately disguise themselves as good data line, also the thickness of the two wires, likely A outside the insulation of the cable is very thin, but very thick inside the wire core is very good, and the inside of the cable line B core quality is very poor, simply do insulation outside the skin is very thick. So can only say good data will not be too thin, too thin cable is not very good. So to distinguish cell phone cable is good or bad! < / p> < / p> < p> < / p>
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