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Troubleshooting Kindle Fire Problems

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-28

The Kindle Fire is Amazon\'s multimedia engine that lets you load your favorite movies, music, books, apps, and more.This is a great device, though not in trouble.The device cannot be recognized by the PC when the device is connected.This article will help you solve these problems on your own before seeking (or paying!) Professional support.Don\'t panic if your screen on fire freezes or locks and doesn\'t respond to any action!Perform a hard reset.This is not a hard reset type to restore the device factory settings.Instead, it just cuts off any program currently running and shuts down the device so you can restart it later.Press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds until it is off.Wait a few seconds and open the Kindle Fire.Charge the Kindle Fire battery.Low battery power is a known reason for the Kindle Fire screen lock.Update the Kindle Fire operating system to the latest version.If the program you are using is intended to run on a newer version of the older version of the operating system, the device will freeze more frequently.There is an update to the device on Amazon.There are various reasons why you may not be able to receive files to convert to Kindle on the device you submit to AmazonThe e-The email address you use to send files to Amazon may not be on Amazon-approved e-Mailing list to receive files.Make sure this e-Mail addresses were added through the manage Kindle section on the Kindle Fire.If wi-There is no fi enabled on the Kindle Fire and you will not be able to receive documents from Amazon.Make sure your wi-Fi setup and works fine.Double-Check if you have provided the correct send-to-Kindle e-Amazon sends the mail address of the converted file.The name will be similar to the \"xxx\" kindle.com.\\ \"Check for typos.The file you are trying to convert may not be able to convert.File types that the Kindle Fire cannot convert to supported formats include: unprotected PDF and MOBI files, TXT, PRC natively, HTML, DOC, tf, JPEG, GIF, PNG, mp tooConverted files may be pooled into your spam or spam folder.If the device is not charged, please follow the freeze-The screen part above.This will turn off all running programs and clear the cache of the device, which will waste battery life.If the battery does not last for the time you want, disable any features that you do not use to drain the battery, such as wi-fi.Alternatively, transferring a large number of files to the device runs out of battery even after the files are added, as the device may still index them.There is nothing you can do about it and you need to wait for the file to be indexed.Unplug the Kindle Fire from the USB port and try to use a different USB port or a different USB cable.If the computer still does not recognize the device, disconnect again and restart the Kindle Fire.Try to reconnect the Kindle Fire to your computer.Make sure you\'re using high-power USB port.High-The power USB port is usually located at the back or front of most computer towers.Or if you\'re using all-in-There is a computer on the back of the display.Device connected to low levelThe power USB port is usually not recognized by the operating system.Low-The power USB port is usually located on the side of the keyboard or standard display.If the computer still does not recognize the Kindle Fire, connect the device to the computer and restart the device and the computer.If the computer still turns a blind eye to the Kindle Fire, disconnect the Kindle Fire and perform a hard reset as described in the freeze-The screen part above.The Kindle Fire may support the file type, but the file may be packaged in a codec that is not supported by the device.If you convert the file yourself, try to re-convert the source file to the same file type, but select a different codec to wrap the file.Even if you don\'t have the source files, you can try to re-Convert the file and package it in a different codec.Doing so may reduce the quality, but the file may play on the device.If you don\'t have an audio or video conversion program, a free converter like any video converter and audio converter can make it easy to convert files and choose a new codec.The equipment was subjected to severe vibration and some internal components were loose or broken.Overheating causes some internal components to actually melt and make the device unusable.If this may be the case, please contact Amazon support as soon as possible to see if your device is still under the manufacturer\'s warranty.If so, Amazon should give you the option to send it back to the replacement device.However, you will need to purchase a new device if your device is out of warranty.Even if hurt, it is possible that your Kindle Fire will resume work at some point, but it can be very unstable and you should still contact Amazon as soon as possible to describe your problem, and strive to get replacement equipment.If a question mark appears on the battery icon of the Kindle Fire, which is a warning from the device, it does not detect or display the battery remaining power correctly, and your battery may run out or last longer than the time shown on the battery icon.Try to fix this by updating the firmware of the Kindle Fire.If it doesn\'t work, please restore the Kindle Fire to factory settings.While the first option works, restoring factory settings solves this problem almost every time.This problem does not mean that there is a deeper problem with your device;This is just a quirk in its software.
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