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trojan virus spreads via pc mouse

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-20
Think your computer or network can only get Trojan virus or malware via a malicious website or an infected flash drive?
Think about it again: Even mice can do the job.
Modified mouse
Almost all hardware devices that can be plugged into a computer-
As shown by security company Netragard\'s recent hacking, it may infect the network. \"(We used)
Including teensy micro controller, Micro USB hub, micro USB cable (
We need to finish)
A micro flash drive (
Made from one of our Netragard USB ribbons), some home-grown malware (
Not designed to be disruptive, of course)
USB devices like the mouse (or)
Anything that others may be tempted to insert.
Netragard said in a blog post: \"When they insert, they will be infected with our custom malware, and we will use this to infect the rest of the network.
Netragard said the challenge is to penetrate a network with only one IP address bound to a firewall that does not provide any services.
Other restrictions include non-use of social networks, phones, emails, or physical access to networks to penetrate.
Netgard uses an exquisite Logitech USB mouse in its project, which comes with a micro-controller and a micro-USB flash drive that stores malware.
But Netragard notes that even without a flash drive, it \"can still instruct the mouse to get malware from the site.
\"Netragard also created custom malware for the antivirus software that the target computer is using.
\"We want our malware to connect (us)
But we need more.
We need our malware to completely fail to detect and completely subvert the \"you want to allow this connection\" dialog.
\"You can\'t do this with coding,\" it says . \".
Netragard then ships the mouse to the target to make it look like a promotional gadget so victims can use it.
\"Sure enough, three days later, the mouse called the house,\" it said . \".
Roger Grimes of threatInfoworld, who is not known to the public, said that many people do not know the hardware, especially the mouse, which can be used to provide automatic
Start the vulnerability code.
\"IT security administrators must understand that almost any hardware device plugged into the computer can compromise the security of the computer.
Hardware is hardware.
The instructions encoded into it and their firmware take precedence over the software.
\"When we talk about trust boundaries in computer security, you have to remember that you have to discuss and defend hardware boundaries,\" Grimes said . \".
\"If I am able as an attacker to convince the victim to insert some kind of hardware, or if I insert it myself, then the game is over for all strong purposes.
\"If I can insert something on your USB, DMA, FireWire and now mouse ports, I may be able to successfully implement malicious behavior,\" he added . \". Grimes says it\'s over.
User Education is always worth the effort. \"Let your end-
Users know that anything they plug into a computer can trigger malicious code.
The free USB key at the press conference?
\"They should not insert it, nor should they connect a free mouse, a free keyboard, or anything else if they are at a higher risk of physical attack,\" he said . \". —
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