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Trinidad & Tobago Cable TV Customers Irate: What's

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-18
The Cable Company of Trinidad and Tobago (CCTT) or the Trinidad & Tobago Trans-Cable Co. Ltd, a division of Intercomm Holdings (Trinidad), is the leading Cable TV and Broadband provider in Trinidad and Tobago. Formed by a combined merger of the local Transcable, Cable View, Rainbow and AJ Cable companies the Cable Company of Trinidad and Tobago competes against DirecTV, TSTT, and several other local Internet Service Providers in Trinidad and Tobago. Phil Cleary a businessman originally from Newfoundland, Canada has been credited as the champion of the current cable company structure and identity. The Broadband offerings provided by CCTT go by the name, FiberLine. The FiberLine network is made-up of a composite high-speed Fiber-optics Internet Backbone scattered over much of the interior parts of Trinidad. With DirecTV not licensed to provide Internet service via Satellite in Trinidad and Tobago, FiberLine is the sole high-speed Internet competitor to TSTT. As the company moves forward, more advanced technology continues to be deployed. During the years of 1999-2000 a series of Scientific Atlanta digital cable boxes were provided to all customers. Once deployed, the Cable Company of Trinidad and Tobago attempted to implement a tiered level of service packages. But the boxes were later returned by many irate customers upset that some of the boxes were randomly scrambling basic cable channels. Following the turn of events, CCTT continued to work with many customers during the transition period from analogue to digital cable. Following that situation, many still complain that the company is known for the occasional outage during International cricket matches, CCTT seemingly draws much ire of the public at large. In 2006, the company was acquired by a Canadian company, and changed its name to Columbus Communications. Flow TV . U-watch. u-watch
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