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travel with the tunes

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-09
There are some explosive growth categories that have emerged recently with Bluetooth speakers, which is well justified.
This is a very fair purchase when a faulty device can let any smart device carry its audio features and play music for you.
In this area, JBL has been steadily expanding their portfolio to extend reliable budget products like Go to more options such as Pulse.
The subject of this special review is somewhere in the middle --up.
Clip 2 is an extension of company travel-
Friendly cut line
Added splash after the original clip and clip-
Resistance to the mixture.
This time, JBL put more thought into the device and increased its resistance to the components by adding IPX7 waterproofing.
The bright orange metal clip like the JBL logo also has a slight redesign that makes it easy to attach to the object, but strong enough that you don\'t have to worry about it falling off.
The overall design is also slightly-
Plastic appearance of early clips.
Around the speaker you will find a power button, a micro USB port for charging, a Bluetooth sync button, volume control, a phone microphone and a button to answer the phone.
For waterproofing, the charging port is covered with a large rubber flap.
The clip also comes with an aux cable that securely wraps around the device and can plug it into your smartphone to play music directly if you want.
The clip provides a clear and powerful sound in its size, and the tone of the smaller Go is slightly richer.
The soundtrack retains all ambient sounds, bass-
Heavy songs have the bottom kick that adds to their slots.
Although the size is large, it does not sound much larger than Go, although this may be due to waterproofing.
It still gets loud and can handle music work when you get together with friends in the living room.
The clip gave the speaker a lot.
The versatility is needed because you can hang it anywhere.
But the living room is not the use of this clip, I took it with me on 1,400 km motorcycle trips.
In a particularly beautiful place that requires a soundtrack, attach the clip to the bag and let it do its own thing, providing a whole new dimension.
The sound does filter the noise of the road and engine at medium speed, and also the noise of the helmet, although several shortcomings have been highlighted during this time.
The clip is not large enough to connect to the slender handle crossbar, indicating that the tiny light in its state is located behind the speaker under the clip, which means that you will not have a visual warning when it is undercharged.
These buttons can only be identified by the grooves that hold them, need a little effort to press, and for frequent-
The required volume buttons can be found without looking at them when moving.
Nevertheless, JBL Clip 2 provides a great deal of functionality and a clear audio experience for its rough Rs.
4,000 asking price.
This is not the maximum or maximum sound of the class, but the additional features provided by the clip and waterproof material mean that this should be on every trip --
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