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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Go For Nokia N97

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-06
Are you looking for a smart phone? Why not go for the smartest one then? A little bit of research will tell you why N97 by Nokia is the best choice as far as the smart phones are concerned. With its recent India launch it is time for the users here to know more about this wonderful phone. Read on as we tell you more... In fact, this is the phone of the coming age and being so, it has features that set it apart from any typical smart phone. In fact, the N 97 is considered to be the best phone that Nokia has produced ever. Still, if you are looking for more reasons, here they are: One huge facility that the N97 provides is the 20 GB memory. Now, that's really huge, isn't it? Here you can save numerous songs, pictures and videos as well as data. Well, if you have the talent to fill up the space, you can buy a SD card for some additional memory. Another great thing that the N97 has is its accessibility on the internet. This has made the life of the consumers easier. Take for example the SD card. Now, if you are looking for that, you can get it via internet. So, it does not matter where you are since you are purchasing online. This facility has made N97 even more user-friendly.  N97 will offer you the greatest digital camera technology. The phone has a 5 mega pixel camera installed within. With the 20x Digital zoom, nothing will be far from your reach. You can take videos or pictures of the precious moments and save them in the huge memory space that the phone offers. The phone has brought a revolution to the technology of cell phone music as well. The phone has an inbuilt FM radio player. However, more importantly, it has a media player that supports almost all the different types of audio formats. So, you don't have to bother about the format of the music files any more. Like any other smart phone, this amazing phone by Nokia has Bluetooth technology that will make the data transmission easier. The N97 has been claimed to be a computer that can be placed inside the pocket. To do justice to the claim, the phone has a built in Wi-Fi that enables a fast download from the internet. Typing out a message is easy here and above all, as with a Computer, you can browse the internet with it as well.  As far as the charging is concerned, the N97 accepts two different methods - the charger and the USB cable. That means, even if you have lost the charger, you can charge the phone through the USB port of a computer. There is also an adapter that accepts both the thicker and thinner charger pins. So, you can use these older charger models with the adapter to charge the phone as well.   As can be seen clearly, the genius of N97 lies in the massive storage, breathtaking camera and plenty of other features. In fact, it includes everything that a modern smart phone offers and excel them with a touch of sheer quality.  
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