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top 5 tech gadgets to be used in cars in 2018

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-18
Cars used to mean luxury is now necessary, and with the importance and increasing awareness of car pooling and public transport use, owning private cars is still a popular option in most countries around the world.Today, the latest cars have a variety of technical upgrades and amazing features.Look at what a great technological miracle Tesla is.Buying a new car every fall is not something everyone can do. In fact, no one can do it.But technology has been improving, so how do you keep up with this, the most you can do is upgrade your old car with gadgets.At present, one of the world\'s most advanced technology upgrade cars is 2018 Tesla Model S cars.This is what we are going to tell you in this article.These are the top five tech products used in cars in 2018, making your car more advanced, not just driving.The Title in Dash CamAs Title indicates that it is a camera that records everything on the dashboard.These are recommended all over the place these days as you will get amazing travel videos and any unwanted accident records as well.Tile Mate -Are you the kind of person who keeps losing your car keys, wasting a lot of time looking for them?Now you can put a tracker on it.Yes, the tracker in keychain form can be tracked via Bluetooth on your smartphone.Park-Zone PZ-1600 when parking in a smaller garage, it is difficult to figure out how much to pull.This device can help you with simple traffic signal display to let you know when you have pulled enough manual coffee machines for your car.No kidding, this is a small coffee maker gadget for your car that can be placed where you like and serve fresh coffee.It plugs normally with the normal charging port.Scoche USB ChargerNow, which is probably the most basic of all gadgets, but surprisingly, the car doesn\'t have a built-in smartphone charger even today.This charger from Scotty is not your normal charger, it has some special features.First of all, you can plug in two cables at the same time, just like from a wall socket, you can enjoy a quick charge of both ports.This is us among the top five technological innovations in the automotive industry.The list was created after investigating the different views of global online and offline experts and publications.Thank you for reading the article, if we miss any of your favorite points, or if your favorite points are already listed above by comment, please let us know.The post cannot be sponsored separately by any product manufacturer and its team of the above products.
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