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Top 4 Hot Selling Styles of Cheap China MP3 Players

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-19
With the development of technology, the functions of mobile phones are more and more abundant and superior. At present, almost all the cell phones equipped with high quality MP3 player function. As a result, MP3 player field has been not as popular as before. Although MP3 is not popular like before, many cool styles still succeed to win the market and customers. With cool, convenient and human-friendly design, the 4 styles MP3 players at electronic China wholesaler (http://www.umibuy.com) umibuy.com are bestsellers which are not inferior to those popular items like cheap China phones. Here, umibuy.com is pleased to share new and old partners with the top 4 hot selling styles MP3 players. 1. Neckband headphone style These Headphone MP3 Players are the headphone type model which are adopted neckband style without the headphones cord. It is hard to slip off and affords you a comfortable feeling of wearing. More attractive, the design of the discount MP3 players (http://www.umibuy.com/wholesale-electronics/china-media-player/wholesale-china-mp3-players.html) are very exquisite, fresh and convenient to use and carry. Besides, there are several colors for selecting: Pink, Black, Green, etc. 2. USB style USB MP3 Player are a kind of perfect MP3 for making a fashion statement, and this mp3 player will get noticed whenever and wherever you take it. It also features good quality, USB stick, built-in MIC. These cheap China MP3 are convenient to use as a real USB flash, and support play and plug. It is really very easy and convenient to download as many as beautiful songs without carrying extra USB cables. 3. Necklace style There is also a delicate cheap MP3 player (http://www.umibuy.com/wholesale-electronics/china-media-player.html) with necklace design. Just wearing like these exquisite MP3, users can not only listen as many as preferred beautiful songs, but also have a very pretty necklace decoration. Just wearing a beautiful necklace, and then enjoy beautiful music anytime anywhere. 4. Waterproof style The waterproof columnar MP3 Players are specially designed for people who love water sports and music. With a waterproof MP3, users can enjoy music when taking a shower, swimming and other underwater sports. It is really cool and practical, isn't it? Just enjoy it. In addition to the above cool design MP3 players, umibuy.com also publishes another wide selection of portable MP3 players (http://www.umibuy.com/wholesale-electronics/china-media-player/wholesale-china-brand-media-players.html) with cheap prices. Umibuy.com sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to wholesale China mp3 players direct from China here.
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