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Top 4 Accessories - A Must Have with iPhone 5

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-19
Many accessories for the iPhone 5 have come out as soon the company announced the launch of the iPhone 5. You may easily be able to find all the iPhone accessories for the 5th generation phone, but with a little bit of difficulty is seen while finding the cables, the radio transmitters and the docks. This is because the compatibility has to be seen and all the users may not be able to afford the accessories except the cases, and covers, etc. You can find the accessories like the fm transmitters, the touch screen covers, the stylus pens etc with the iPhone 5 compatibility on the online stores for such accessories. Let me highlight a few of them for your ease of use and buying: 1) Mini portable car charger: This is what you always needed for the iPhone 5. Although at first you sue the wire to be connected to the lighter in the car, but now you would only need this connector. You can directly plug in the iPhone 5 in your car and then to the socket for the lighter. There is no wire needed and with voice, activated Siri you can operate your phone while driving without using your hands on the phone. 2) FM transmitter: You just need this to be plugged in with the iPhone 5 and you will never need a radio or any app on the iPhone 5 for the radio free streaming. It comes in with a remote control so you will never have to change any channel by using the phone or the transmitter, it is also available in the car charging kit so you know you can sue the transmitter at any place at any time. 3) Mini keychain recharger cable: This is what you need with your car keys. This is how you would never want any charger with a long cable in your pocket to try to recharge the Phone at any place. It is good when you are travelling and cannot take any accessory for the iPhone 5 from its box. You will only need this 2 inches wire charger only. 4) Stylus pen: All you need is this pen to complete the accessory kit for the iPhone 5. If you are peculiar about finger touch and leaving fingerprints on the screen as your hands are always sweaty, you can get this stylus pen to be used with the iPhone 5.
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