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top 2 best usb mic voice over studio microphones

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-17
I always wanted to be a voice-over artist --
The guy you heard in the movie trailer said, \"in a world where hub page makers were murdered. . . \" (
Some banging and noise, explosions in the background).
Recently, I have had the opportunity to become a voice artist.
Gave me a project to make wedding videos for friends.
This video is a wedding invitation in the form of a movie trailer.
It\'s 25 seconds long, in those 2-inch cd discs.
I am the sound artist, video editor, director and producer of the wedding trailer.
Great video, great music, great action, but bad sound.
My voice was terrible at first.
You know, like a sick frog trying to pretend to be an FM disk jockey.
But do you know what makes my voice so bad?
I\'m using a desktop microphone.
Those microphones that cost a dozen cents
Still, there are a lot of people who like the concept of wedding invitations.
Who says the wedding invitations should be cards, lace and ribbons?
A few weeks later, I had another project.
Another wedding notice invitation
This time, I consulted all my geek friends and regular friends about the microphone they could lend me.
At2020usb, audio technology company, considering the price, output quality and good appearance. . .
I dare say this is what I voted.
The sound of my frog became the sound of a record jockey.
There is no desktop benefit that is close to this quality.
Below is an audio sample recorded using audio technology.
Audio Technology voice sample. . . Audio-
Technica AT2020 USB function side
Address studio compression with USB digital output crystal-
Provide a clear, natural sound for podcasts, home studio recordings, live recordings, and useCustom dubbingengineered low-
The mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and excellent transient response heart-shaped polar mode, reducing sound from the side. . . -
Audio TechnicaMarshal mxl usb.
I also like this usb microphone very much.
It is much cheaper than audio technology, however. . .
Although I am pursuing the quality of the output. . .
Sometimes it\'s important to look good.
This is the location of the mxl usb.
Did not meet my expectations. :-)
It does look a little professional.
One thing I noticed was that through this microphone my voice turned into something very sexy. . .
You know women in the middle of a man always like it.
Unfortunately, my friend said they could still detect frogs behind the sound.
MXL also has several flavors.
Of course, you can use this name to infer the technical improvements behind the microphone.
There is mxl usb. 006, MXL USB .
007, all the way to mxl usb. 009. Â The USB.
The 009 is the best of all USB microphones and is actually the world\'s first 24-bit/96 khz usb microphone.
The following is a brief description of the manufacturer: Production 24-
Bit/96 kHz-
For the professional broadcasting and music industry, a rich USB microphone does not mean a compromise in quality. The MXL USB.
The 009 has a large diaphragm of 32mm, similar to the best analog microphone in the world.
The mxl usb features zero-delay monitoring, manually selected components, and analog knobs to match perfectly.
009 replaced the entire studio.
When it\'s time to listen back to the track you recorded, it will impress with amazing details and impact. The MXL USB.
009 is very simple, function-
Rich, elegant-in-
A professional recording solution! -
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