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Tips to Save Power And Maximize Battery of Your

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-20
Whenever we are traveling, we carry our gadgets along with us, as it is all about staying connected. Apple gadgets, therefore should not be an exception. An Apple user can very easily access e-mails, social networking sites, do video calls, download music and many such activities that consume a lot of power. Even high-end Apple gadgets like the MacBook, iPhone or an iPad are not easy to keep powered up all the time. While on the go it is important to save the power of your mobile device to be able to use it for long hours. Let us find out how to keep these gadgets powered up for long. Tips to save battery and maximize battery power: Cases for Battery A battery case is well suited to charge your iPhone that can come handy anytime and anywhere. You can use a Mophie Juice Pack+, this will help in charging your gadget. It also is useful in increasing the battery life. It is portable, lightweight and you can synchronize it with iPhone via USB cable. The on and off buttons are available for user convenience to choose between switching it on or keeping it off during charging. While on the move the best option is to harness solar power, as you will not require any proper plug point for charging your gadget. This is made extremely easy with a solar case. Sol is one such company that gives you the option of carrying the case according to your convenience, to keep your iPhone charged up, irrespective of whether you are on a beach or relaxing by a pool. You can easily carry it with you to charge your iPhone. This case gives you three convenient options. You can charge it directly in the sun, use the indoor light option or even use a USB to do so. If you want something stylish that can also double up as a stand, choose MiPow. This leather folio is supportive of iPad with inbuilt power tubes to keep the gadget charged. It is capable of providing 6600mAh power up; all you need to do is plug it in, you can use it for powering up your iPod and iPhone. Packing a charger The safest option is to pack your iPad USB adapter (10 Watt). This charger is capable of charging your iPhone and iPad alike. It has the advantage of retractable prongs which can come handy according to the plug requirement of the gadget. If you are carrying your MacBook then there is another option by the name of PlugBug by TwelveSouth. This charger can be easily attached to your MacBook brick to enable the USB charging option. With this you can charge your iPad or iPhone also. Apps for saving battery life A few apps are designed to help save battery life. You can use an app that helps in monitoring the battery usage/ supply especially when you are using a MacBook or MacBook Air. Battery Saver is an amazing app that will alert you when the battery is running low. Another interesting app by the name of Deep Sleep is capable of putting your system to hibernate. This way you will be able to save battery power while you are away from your system. When you come back to your system to work, you will find all the programs and applications intact just the way you left it. This way you are saving battery life while the programs and applications keep running on the system, that too without draining it. Enabling Settings You can enable settings on your Apple device for saving battery life. Here are a few easy tips for iPad and iPhone users: Turn off the Wi-Fi/3G when not in use. Settings>Wi-Fi>Switch Off Disable the Bluetooth functionality when not in use: 1. Go to Settings 2. Choose General 3. Select Bluetooth option 4. Switch Off Turning off the notifications is yet another option that you need to keep in mind. This can be done manually by selecting an individual app: Settings>Notifications>Select App>Notification>Switch Off Remember to turn off location services, as it is both power and money consuming especially while travelling abroad. Here is how to do it: Settings>Location Services>Off Change settings for brightness: 1. Go to Settings 2. Choose Brightness & Wallpaper option 3. Auto-bright feature will adjust accordingly Maintaining appropriate temperature settings are essential for your Apple device. The ideal temperature should be 32 to 95 F. Applying all the above-mentioned tips will help in saving power of your Apple mobile devices while you enjoy traveling without having to bother about losing power. Marigold Henry Montana is a technical expert who deals with various computer related issues. She is capable of handling the software as well as hardware troubleshooting. She advises people on basic upkeep and maintenance of their PC, Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets. She is working as a freelance technology writer and as fulltime online tech support for a well known IT software company. Her aim is to spread the technical know-how to the people all around the globe.
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