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Tips to Increase The Musical Fidelity of Your PC Audio

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-20
High musical fidelity has always been a concern for you. You want to experience the highest quality of music but somehow most of us are never satisfied with the quality of music that is produced by our computer systems. You may have wondered why this happens but haven't got any satisfactory answers. If you music listening experience is limited to the tiny speakers of your laptop or the small speakers that came along with your PC, then you do not have any clue as to how good the sound produced by your computers can be. You need to make a few necessary changes in order to experience the magic. Improve the Quality of Audio Files: High musical fidelity is dependent on the quality of the sound file. The larger it is, the better the quality of sound. There are so many music file management programs but the most popular and widely used among them is iTunes. But the problem with iTunes is that when importing files, it compresses them to very small size. The quality of music gets affected when the files are compressed. You need not compress files so much; just use the Apple Lossless Format while ripping files from the CD or other source. The Loss Less Format will not shrink the file size but you may have to worry about the files if you want to carry them on your iPod. Increase the Bit Rate of the File: Another way to increase musical fidelity of a file is to increase the bit rate of the file. It should always be remembered that the higher the bit rate of the file, the better the sound quality. It is always good to go for lossless format for achieving the highest fidelity but if that is not possible then one should experiment with the bit rate and try to observe the difference. You should ideally increase the bit rate to 320 Kbps to observe the difference between the old and the new one. You will know about it once you hear it. Use Analog Cable to Connect to Audio System: Musical fidelity can be achieved by using analog cable to convert digital audio output to analog format and then convert them to digital format. A patch cord is required for this. But the patch cord should have a stereo mini-plug on one end and RCA plugs on the other end. A regular stereo patch cord can also be used. It is even better to use a stereo mini -to- RCA adapter. The problem that you would be facing is that you will be using a digital - to- analog convertor (DAC) that is placed inside the computer. You should upgrade your sound card so that it can match up to the high quality music files. Use a USB or Digital Audio Cable: Musical fidelity for your PC can be much better than what you have been experiencing if system and receiver have matching digital audio input. You can get better sound quality if you use the connection. But there chances that the digital -to- analog converter inside your receiver would be better than that of your PC unless you have added a high end sound card to your system.
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