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Tips on Using a Cable Modem As a Wired Router

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-07
Router may be expensive piece of hardware. Wireless router often cost up to $100, and the standard wired ones also often cost nearly half of that price. It is a shame that many consumers do not realize that they can use the cable modem as the wired router in order to provide the Internet connection to the two different locations. Besides saving your money, this modem will also save a lot of hassle dealing with the poor routes and also the updating process of the router driver software. Here is information that will help you in using the modem as the wired router. For the first step, you have to hook the cable modem up to the Internet provider as per the instructions. Generally speaking, it will include running the cable connection, just like the one that will go to your television if you have the cable TV service from outside the home to the cable modem. Most of cable companies will offer to do the installation themselves for the nominal fee or an even at no additional cost. For the second step, you have to locate the Ethernet cable and also USB cable for the modem. Most times, the cable modem will be equipped with the connections cable. If it is not, you will have to buy the cables at the computer hardware stores. After that, you have to be sure that the Ethernet and also USB cable will be long enough in reaching from the cable modem to the two different locations in which you want to route the Internet. It is also necessary for hook up the USB cable to the back of the cable modem in the USB cable input and after that, you can use the USB cable in order to connect the closest of your computers. Now you can use the cable modem hooked up in the way as the router that connects two different computers.
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