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Tips on Transfer Media on Your Playstation Vita to PC

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-20
New era of Playstation starts in the beginning of 2012, according to the official announcement from Sony Corporation that produce Sony Playstation Portable PS Vita, Sony promote their new games that is PS vita in their official conference at the end of 2011 ago. It will be great start for Sony in providing exciting games for the game lovers around the globe. Now, in response to the hegemony of PlayStation Vita, we will provide interesting and important information for you who have not been recognized well about this PS Vita dealing with transfer media from your handheld game console to your PC. Additional information, PS Vita is complete game because it is not only used as game but also you can make use of it by playing videos or even music and for those who are interested in photography you should buy it because this is fully equipped by built-in camera. Following are some steps that you should take. 1. The first thing you have to do is looking for software on your beautiful PC related to PS Vita. You can easily download from the internet with the specific name that is 'Vita Content Manager Assistant'. Do not worry about it, we will give you exact link to make easy your searching: http://cma.dl.playstation.net/cma/win/en/index.html for Windows operating system where for X kinda guy, you should check it at http://cma.dl.playstation.net/cma/mac/en/index.html. After finding the tool for transferring, installing it into your computer and you will get Vita icon on it. Click it and open 'Preferences' and you choose the folder that you want and Vita will automatically access photos, download, photos or music. Then, to save your internal memory of PS Vita, you can also use such tools to back your saved gamed up into your personal computer. 2. Next, in connecting your PS Vita and PC you need additional cable that is the USB cable. It is better checking your PS Vita box; there will be the USB cable in it. Remove from the box and use it to connect PS Vita to your PC. Then, find content-transferring application in the 'Vita Content Manager Assistant' and click start. 3. After that, you will give alternative connection in the 'Vita Content Manager Assistant', we suggest you to choose 'Connect to a PC' and click it. 4. In this step, you will also be given alternative choices whether you are going to send a data from PS Vita to your PC or vice versa. We assume that in this stage you know your need so that we should not explain to detail. 5. Then, we go to PS Vita photo application. In this application, it will be shown any picture that you have and you choose the right one that you want to transfer it. Click copy on the file and the picture will come up on the folder that you choose in the previous step.
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