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Tips on How to Set Up a New iPhone by Yourself

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-20
In case you have just bought the new iPhone, you may then like to check out the following step-by-step guide on how to set up a new iPhone all on your own. The following instruction will also include the useful tips for those that want to transfer the data from the old iPhone to a new one. So, let's take a look at the below guidelines on how to set up a new iPhone on your own in order to connect the device to the iTunes on your computer. Before we start with the very first step on this guide on how to set up a new iPhone, you need to make certain you have installed the very latest version of iTunes on your desktop computer. You can also check and update manually the version of your iTunes software by opening the Help menu and then Check for Updates option. When the recent version has been installed, attach the iPhone to your PC by using the USB cord. You'll see that the mobile device drivers will be installed instantly and then the iTunes will launch automatically. Afterwards, you'll see the 2 options to register the iPhone and also to set up the iTunes account. Click 'Continue ' button and then you will need to accept the software end-user license agreement. And then, you'll see the page that requires you to enter the iTunes account or to create a new account if you haven't already created one. This account can also be used as an Apple ID on your iPhone. Then, you will arrive at the registration page which requires you to enter the basic necessary information like name and address. And then, you have to verify the information that you have entered and then click 'Submit.' In the setup page, you will have options to setup a new iPhone and to restore the new iPhone from a backup of your existing one. When you choose to setup a new one, you will be able to sync contacts, email accounts, calendars, note and browser bookmarks with the new iPhone. You may also opt for a name for your iPhone which will enable you to identify the phone whenever it's connected to iTunes. If you want to restore the backup data of an older iPhone to the new one, you may want to remember that it will take several minutes and make sure to not disconnect the phone and close the iTunes while the restoration process. But indeed, the more amount of data that you want to transfer, the longer times that it will take. When you see the notification on the screen that says the process is complete, you may now disconnect the device from the computer.
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