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this is the best iphone battery case you can buy

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-18
It took us over 140 hours to test 21 different battery cases (
18 for IPhone 6 and 3 for iPhone 6 Plus)
We believe that the best battery case for most people is Anker\'s slim lengthened battery case.
It provides more than one
The average full charge of IPhone 6 is 117%-
Fill up 17% at a time-
So far, $40 is the cheapest.
The result is that of all models we study, the percentage of charge per dollar is the highest and the cost per full iPhone is the lowest.
This is also the lightest and thinnest battery case we tested.
Depending on the way you use your iPhone, why you might want a battery box, it\'s easy to run out of battery on average for a day.
If you rely on your phone for a whole day and you don\'t have time (
Or physical access)
Plop next to the wall socket, a battery box --
This makes a gentle
The capacity inside the bulky iPhone case is Rechargeable-
This is a wise choice.
In the best case, the battery box can double the battery life of the iPhone and then some.
Unlike the stand-alone battery pack, there is no need for separate cables and no need to know how to carry the two devices together.
You just need to slide your iPhone into the battery box or get protection and power in one unit.
We can also recommend a case if you just want to seek some protection.
How do we select and test each battery box, we install a fully depleted iPhone 6 and set it to airplane mode when fully charged.
When the iPhone reaches 100% to charge, or when it stops charging, we take it out of the case and run out of the phone\'s battery again.
Assuming the battery box still has the remaining power, then we installed the phone in the battery box for the second time and recorded the battery percentage of the phone when the battery box stopped charging.
We recorded the percentage and time of charge per test, as well as the physical size and weight of each battery box.
After a few days, repeat each test and then test three times in total.
Then we averaged the charging results.
We also tested subjective usability in each case, such as how easy it is to press the phone button and how the packaged phone feels in hand.
In addition, we used Micro
The USB cable connects each battery box to the computer to test if each battery box is allowed to pass-
By charging (
IPhone\'s ability to charge in a box)
Synchronize with data.
Our pick Anker Ultra-thin extended battery box is the iPhone 6 battery box with the best combination of good performance, price of capacity and minimum volume addition.
It has the ability to provide 117% full charge for the iPhone 6, and for the battery case it\'s very low for $40.
Ultra Slim was originally released at a higher price, but the price dropped sharply, and Anker confirmed that $40 was the new \"regular\" price.
Ultra-thin provides the best charging value (2.
The full iPhone 6 cost of $ 9% per dollar, which is $34.
34 full charge)
Any case we have tested so far.
It adds only 84 grams of weight and only 6 grams.
Thickness 1mm.
Most iPhone battery cases use two designs when installing: a slider or a front frame.
The ultra-thin of Anker is designed with a slider.
You take a short plastic cover at the top, slide the iPhone in place, and reinstall the cover.
This is very easy to do compared to the tricky front line --frame design (
Used by inciio, Odoyo and some others)
, Which requires you to remove the frame running on the entire iPhone, install the phone on the base, and then re-capture the frame in place. Runners-
Advanced extended battery case for UpAnker ($60)is the larger-
Ultra-thin capacity brothers, this is a great choice for those who are more concerned about getting the raw power of an oversized size or cost --
Despite these aspects, it has performed strongly compared to its competitors. With its 3,100-
MAh cell, Premium Extended is able to provide a full iPhone 6 charging of 142%.
$30 more than our runners.
Tylt has an interesting choice.
Senergi sliding power case of the company ($92)
Including 3,200-
In our tests, mAh batteries offer a 133% charge-
Therefore, in terms of absolute costs, it does not match the extended premium.
What sets Energi apart is two of it-piece design.
Your phone is first installed in a fully protected enclosure and then slides into a separate battery pack.
This design allows you to use the phone in smaller cases without the need for a battery and only turn the battery on when needed.
Considering that it is not an independent product, this internal situation is actually very good.
What if I own the iPhone 6 Plus?
Energli sliding power Case for IPhone 6 Plus version ($100)
Is the first choice for Apple\'s larger mobile phone.
It is designed to be the same as the iPhone 6, but the size fits 6 Plus.
In our test, the case delivered a 83% full fee to the depleted iPhone 6 Plus in less than an hour and a half, better than any of the competitors we tested
Six months after the iPhone 6 was released, we (finally)
Choose the right battery box for the latest Apple phone.
Best of all is Anker\'s slim lengthened battery case, which is a scream for $40good deal.
It offers enough to keep most people moving forward and has a very small package.
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