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This Is How to Update Your Parrot CK3100

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-21
The parrot CK3100 is a magnificent piece of technology that's gaining popularity much faster across the world. It is a sophisticated and classy gadget with Bluetooth display capabilities. It has been designed to work mainly with wireless phones which can be used in the car while you are driving. This gadget is meant to be mounted on the windscreen of the vehicle in order to grant you the accessibility and the convenience that you need while on the road. This gadget has got several uses like voice recognition and hands free dialing services which is crucial especially when you are driving. Take note that there are certain laws that prohibit you to speak on your cell phone while you are driving, and that's where this gadget comes in. If you have different types of phones with you then you need not to worry because ck 3100 can be programmed and customized to an extent that it can be used with up to three different types of phones. Just like any other hardware, this particular hardware works with software which has to be updated from time to time in order to maintain its full functionality. New applications can also be added to the software thereby increasing the functionality and the features of the gadget. In order to update the gadget's software you will need to have the gadget connected to a computer using a USB cable. You have to log onto the parrot website in order to download the parrot software update tool which you can then use for the updates. Once the update tool has been downloaded, you need to then run it so as to install it. Since your gadget will be already connected to a computer through the USB cable, updates are done automatically by the update tool which checks and downloads the latest updates to the gadget. Make sure you disconnect the gadget once you have successfully performed the updates. Incase this does not work for you always consider ck 3000, or parrot ck 3200. They come in handy and are available in the leading shops.
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