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this cheap cable can charge your iphone as well as android smartphone

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-12
Most Android users can only carry a USB cable that charges all devices.
IPhone and iPad users can\'t say the same.
You may find that they carry two cables, one with a Lightning connector and the other with a standard micro cable
The USB cable can power other devices.
A company called LMcable wants to fix this with its \"general connector for ios and Android\" cable.
LMcable is able to charge both iOS and Android devices as it combines their respective connectors into one.
One side of the connector is for the iPhone and iPad, while the other side can be used to charge devices running micro devicesUSB port.
It seems that everyone is satisfied with the idea.
The crowd that LMcable photographed
Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter raised $5,000 (roughly Rs. 338,000)
Funds for making equipment.
In 30 days, LMcable was supported by 2,525 supporters and raised a $85,834 (roughly Rs. 4,187,136).
Early supporters were able to get LMcable for a $13 (roughly Rs. 630).
You can still get a cable for $21 (roughly Rs. 1,020).
It is difficult to merge these two connectors into one, which raises some concerns.
LMcable ensures that its cables are compatible with both devices.
In addition, LMcable supports fast data transfer and 2.
4A fast charging.
The company added that the cable is tin
Electroplating, 10 times more durable than ordinary wires.
In addition, the general connector for iOS & Android is also tangled-
It is free in most cases.
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