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\'things to do in a retirement home trailer park.. when you\'re 29 and unemployed\' surprises

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-20
Aneurin Wright\'s first print novel, \"things in the park for retired families\". . .
When you lose your job at the age of 29, \"it\'s a shape --
The Chimera shuttle between the book covers;
A cartoon explaining the nuances of swelling and old age care, a yuan
Meditation on death, loss, and coping mechanisms, father\'s story --and-
The son reconciled. in the settlement, the father was a curry rhino, and the son was a wayward rhino --
Completely torn. spectacle-
Wearing a bull head
It\'s all from the heart.
Heartbreaking sadness, visually striking, for anyone who helps parents navigate to the end --of-
The process of life, strange comfort.
The storyline is so simple and familiar that there is nothing remarkable like a traditional novel: a struggling young artist has an unstable relationship with his difficult father.
After the battle between the old man and the swelling failed, he was pushed to the stage of \"hospice certification --
There\'s basically six months left.
The reluctant son crossed the country, moved in with his dead father and acted as his caregiver.
The title comes from the chapter title of the book, each of which is tonguein-
Cheek \"activity\" full of duo Festival \"-to-
The existence of the day, including \"counting pills\", \"bathing time\" and \"Reconciliation \"(
The first, second and third parts).
The quirky title of the illustration and the zoo sounds like the background of a book full of fun, and it does have a humorous side --
Including the unexpected father. son porn-
Watch the moment and the author fantasize about the scheduling of a busybody neighbor
But it pays more attention to the serious side.
The reader soon discovered that young Wright was filling his time with more than managing the enemy and patching the fence with superheroeslike fortitude.
He also recorded the end of his father\'s life and all the emotional turmoil that followed --
The desire for fear, anger, sorrow, and revenge.
In the artistic tradition of \"Mirror Man\", the contrast between the heavy subject matter and the comic form of the illustration panel and the text balloon is played like a beautiful and sad music.
It lingered for a long time after the last note sounded.
But not all of this has to do with art.
Wright portrayed himself as a strong blue-painted bull.
His father, Neil, was drawn into a jar.
The big belly rhino is struggling to breathe.
Big Tobacco represented by monocle
Three pigs in capitalism. piece suits.
A visiting social worker takes a friendly bear, a smart owl, or a slow one at different times --
Turtles moving
The distraction and annoyance is that the chattering monkey pulls on the sleeve of the shirt --
Until they are conquered, at this point, they become lovely circle cats.
This deformation forces the reader to connect and connect points without explanation.
This effect is like inserting one end of the USB line into Wright\'s brain stem tube and the other end into your own brain stem tube;
You don\'t think you\'re reading his experience like you are.
Remember them yourself.
When at the end of the book, The Bull Head stood up and put a lot of thingstentacled fear-
The devil turned into an ink bottle and felt like he was doing it for all of us.
Wright is not just one.
However, prank the bull head;
The accompanying text doubles \"things in retirement trailer Family Park\" like selfKnow ouroboros.
The protagonist in a pig herd mentioned earlier --
At the moment, who happens to be dressed up as a duty officer called a certified role --
\"First of all, the subtleties are always an asset. I mean . . . PIGS! C\'mon!
I saw more subtleties in Frank Capra\'s film.
On another note, the father complained to his son about the way he was attracted and said, \"you make the rhino look terrible.
\"The Graphic Medicine series by Penn State University Press aims to make medical problems easy to understand through graphic fiction, which addresses the emotional and medical components of disease and death.
For example, the pain caused by gas swelling is interpreted on three panels as almost like poetry: \"The swollen lungs are basically solidified with scar tissue. . . .
So expand their sense of breathing. . .
You want to separate them.
People describe lunge\'s nest as \"customs officers in an invisible little place \". . .
The border guards inspected the goods moving from the vast wilderness outside. . . Inside.
\"Hospice care has been explaining that the side effects of morphine are the same.
\"What to do in retirement trailer Family Park\" is a strange thing about a book that, in general, can be difficult to recommend.
But recently, there has been a lot of progress in mental and medical care.
My father died of melanoma in December 2014.
Wright\'s book gives a feeling of comfort, comfort and catharsis.
By submitting his nagging suspicion of monkeys, swollen rhinos, and narcissistic bullheads to pages he has actually made you and I can\'t do anything about it.
By depicting the lonely desert and rough crossroads of his own journey, he made our own hiking less daunting.
Dealing with the decline and death of a loved one will never be easy.
But Wright uses \"what to do in retirement trailer Family Park\" to illustrate how to catch the bull.
: Things about the retired family trailer park. . .
When you lose your job at the age of 29, Penn State University Press: Page 320, $32. 95adam. Tschorn @ latimes.
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