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these swedish bluetooth headphones make the perfect listening partner for the latest iphones

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-09
Since Apple decided to throw away the headphone jack when the iPhone 7 was released, Bluetooth headsets have grown a lot.
A few years ago, people avoided Bluetooth because you often hear a slight hiss in the background due to the swamp
Standard Bluetooth codec.
These days, apt-X CD-
On iOS devices, high quality codecs and growing support for Apple AAC mean that Bluetooth headsets are as good as wired models.
Personally, I like to have wireless headphones on my ears instead of those in my ears because the battery life is usually better.
This is especially important if you commute frequently.
Lovely wireless network
Ear models like Apple\'s AirPods are all good, but the battery life is not very good.
The latest pair of Bluetooth headsets fall on my desk for review, vain sthlm from Sweden, which has the same status in terms of aesthetics and sound quality of the product.
Commuting to vain sthml (
STHLM stands for and pronounced \"stock holm \")
Is a series of excesses. the-
Headphones for design inspiration from Stockholm\'s underground subway system.
Founded in 2012 by two brothers, vain sthlm is keen to make the headphones look as good as sound.
Designed by Lisa Minogue, the commute is available in three colors: foggy gray, slate blue, and rail Gray.
The metal parts of the headphones are made of copper
Colored metals and headbands are soft underneath and have a durable stitching covering on the top, making them tough enough for everyday commuting.
A few years ago I looked back at some of the cable headphones from vain sthlm and left a deep impression on me, so I was excited to hear what those headphones would look like.
Unusually, commuter headsets support apt-for AAC and CSR-
X codec so they can copy high
Transfer high quality music from an iOS device via Bluetooth.
For some strange reason, Apple still doesn\'t support the apt of CSR-
The X codec on IOS, although it is implemented on MacOS.
Most Android phones support apt
X, so commuter headsets can be used on both smartphone platforms.
There are three buttons on the right-hand ear-
Cups with stop, pause, jump and repeat music buttons.
You can also answer the phone by pressing the button and using the built-in callin microphone.
The quality of the microphone is one of the best I have heard.
So, if you\'re the kind of person who picks up a lot of calls on the go, you\'ll love those calls.
In terms of electricity, lithium-
The ion battery built into these headphones can provide a respectable 12-hour run between charging.
It takes two hours to recharge, and the cost is high.
Premium fabric with micro coverage
Include USB cable for this.
If you run out of battery, there\'s a traditional 3.
You can plug in the 5mm headphone lead of the device.
Be sure to keep the Lightning Bolt if you are using the iPhone 7-to-3.
The 5mm adapter comes with all iPhone 7 models.
The sound quality offered by vain sthlm is excellent.
The bass response is very solid with enough mid-range and treble details.
Maybe they can add a little bit to the upper part of the middle.
But this is a problem you can easily solve with the EQ adjustment on your phone.
Another great feature is that the 40mm dynamic drivers on these headphones are very efficient, making them much louder than many headphones.
This is important when you go to and from work, because when you go out and walk around, you will encounter more irrelevant noise, which usually means that when you are on the road, headphones that are loud enough at home often get shorter.
These lightweight headphones are comfortably placed on your head, and even if you suddenly move your head, it still has enough grip to stop them from falling off.
The Bluetooth range is up to 10 m, provided you don\'t have any thick walls.
Still, I found them working well, even between the thick walls of my old stone cottage.
Conclusion: the design of vain sthlm commuter headphones is both modern and cool.
These headphones look really practical, small enough to be thrown into the work bag.
Great voice thanks to those high voices
High quality codec and efficient driver.
There is enough volume to start playing sounds in most types of music.
If I have a criticism, it is that some sort of tote bag should be included to protect the headphones.
All in all, these headphones look as good as sound.
Price: £ 139/€ 159/$140vainsthlm.
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