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these are the 5 best amazon deals of the weekend

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-25
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Our editors will review and recommend the products to help you purchase the products you need.
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However, our choices and opinions are independent of the newsroom for USA Today and any business incentives.
When you drink coffee
Or Mimosa, no verdict! )
Let your-
Make a list and prepare for a relaxing or efficient weekend, I \'ve collected the best deals on Amazon to simplify your online window shopping.
You won\'t have any ideas today
I can\'t believe such cheap sales. But!
Now, there are a lot of great discounts for super useful tech accessories that can make your life more convenient.
If you like to bundle in the air conditioner, there is also a super popular quilt and a well
$20 chef\'s knife.
Keep in mind that Amazon Prime Day is coming, so many retailers are delaying any big deals before big sales.
If you don\'t need these things, we recommend that you add them to your wish list, download the Amazon app, open the notification so that if/when the item is sold again, you will be alerted.
There are many other online retailers who have high sales and have saved a lot of money for July 4.
See the complete list here. 1.
Below $75: Car Charger with Amazon alexa when you have Amazon Alex at home, you are quickly used to getting things done with just your voice.
Now you can bring your virtual assistant into your car with the help of Alexa
The supported car charger is like the charger of the Anker car brand ROAV.
Now you can get this handy charger/stand combination for less than 20% of the usual $75 price.
It\'s two high.
USB port is fast, you can go through Bluetooth, AUX-
In, Android cars, or car games.
This model comes with a magnetic car holder so everything can be operated by handfree.
I love Anker\'s products but I find their products
Party Alexa devices tend to respond slower than Amazon\'s proprietary products, especially when they are not connected via WiFi.
But if you still have a long way to go, maybe lag time won\'t be a problem for you.
Buy the roav viva car charger and stand for $59. 99 (Save $14)
The code is \"VIVAPLUS\" 2.
Less than $20: one of the best hair dryers, a good blowout in the salon will make you feel like a rock star, but copying the same look at home is almost impossible.
Besides technology (
You can learn on YouTube)
The tools you use make everything different.
We have tested all the leading hair dryers and while the price of top products is over $200, there is a budget option that really surprises us.
$17 for normal operation-
$20, compared to the other models we tried, the drying time of the hair dryer from Revlon was impressive and one of the lightest models.
Now that it has fallen to its lowest price ever, it makes it difficult for you to refuse to upgrade your beauty program.
For $14, buy a 1875 W infrared hair dryer from Revlon. 99 (Save $3)3.
Under $15: super long and sturdy lightning cable charging cable, comfortable to use in a short time while charging your phone, this is not a world --
But it\'s annoying.
In addition to using less phones and saving batteries, the best solution is to buy a cable that gives you more flexibility.
Now Anker is discounting its 10-
Lightning cables in red, black, gold and silver, but you need to use the code \"ANKER454\" at checkout \".
I have been using these cables for the last few years and I like them.
They are strong enough to be fastcharge (
With right adapter)
, Woven nylon to prevent wear and tear.
I personally chose the red one and was very happy, but it was as good as silver, gold and black.
Get Anker PowerLine II 10-
Lightning cable for $13. 99 (Save $6)
The code is \"ANKER454\" 4.
Less than $10: It would be great if your phone could use an ultra-thin wireless charger, but the best models tend to be expensive.
As a result, you can get faster charging speed, fans, lights and other features that keep cooling.
But if you want to add more convenient charging points at home, you don\'t necessarily need the best charging points.
You need something that is both effective and inexpensive.
So, take a look at this $12 wireless charging board from RAVPower, which now has a 30% discount when you use our exclusivecode: \"rwpcpc083
\"We personally like the portable spare charger of this brand and believe that this charging board will work very well, especially at the price.
This is a fairly new product, so there is not much buyer review yet, but about 50 of it is reliable and glowing.
You can\'t really find a similar wireless charger for less than $10.
Get RAVPower for $8. 49 (Save $3. 50)
The code is \"rwdpc083\" 5.
Below $25: Cult
Favorite Quilt if you need to be cold and sleep comfortably wrapped in a blanket, you know the importance of a good fluffy quilt.
This quilt has over 6,000 reviews and 4 reviews.
5 ratings from Amazon, many of our employees also buy and love it (
Including yours. .
Now you can get it for $5 less than usual.
The best thing is that it works well enough without a duvet and is a little lighter in summer.
Buy utopia bedding hypoallergenic duvet for $24. 79 (Save $5)
The price is accurate when the article is published, but may change over time.
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