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the various categories of coaxial cable

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-18
A coaxial cable was invented in 1929.
However, its commercial use did not begin until 1941.
Coaxial cables are made up of round, cylindrical wires covered with gaskets and cylindrical shea. . .
A coaxial cable was invented in 1929.
However, its commercial use did not begin until 1941.
Coaxial cables are made up of circular cylindrical wires that are covered by spacers, and the cylindrical sheath is again surrounded by an insulating sheath.
The coaxial cable is basically a cable for transmitting high-frequency signals.
The resulting magnetic field exists between the inner conductor and the outer conductor.
Therefore, the interference from the external magnetic field is small.
This cable is used in industries such as cable TV and network.
Coaxial cable is a little more expensive than ordinary telephone cable.
However, it is preferred as it allows the transmission of data and information to the maximum extent with minimal interference.
There are usually two types of these cables
Flexible and rigid.
The rigid cable consists of a solid sheath and the flexible cable consists of a woven copper sheath.
Internal insulator (or dielectric)
Affects the performance of the cable, such as attenuation and impedance.
RF connectors are used to connect both ends of the coaxial cable.
The dielectric material can be either solid or with small holes.
The RF connector is a short and rigid cable with the same impedance as the cable associated with it.
However, the dielectric may not be the same.
High quality connectors are usually coated with gold, but low quality cables are coated with nickel.
Also with silver (
But only in high circumstances. end connectors)
Because it has very good conductivity.
Due to the oxidation of silver in the air, additional coating is usually required.
A complete list of various types of coaxial cables can be found in Category 5-cable. com/plenum-cat-5.
Html, summarized as follows: Hard line-
These are powerful cables with rigid external shielding and minimum loss.
It is usually used to connect the transmitter and antenna.
These cables are also made up of high dielectric at high temperatures. Tri axial -
Cables with three-layer shield and outermost shield protect the inner layer from external interference. Twin axial -
This cable consists of twisted pair covered by shield. Bi axial -
Consists of two 50O coaxial cables for networking. Semi rigid -
It is a coaxial cable with a solid outer copper sleeve.
When a long coaxial cable is connected to a radio or television network, a short type of coaxial cable is basically used for home video, radio broadcasting, and some small computer networks.
Miniature coaxial cables are used for military or medical purposes.
Micro coaxial cable for a range of consumer equipment, military equipment and
Sound scanning equipment.
Cables with impedance of 50/52 and 75 ohms are usually used.
50/52 ohm cables are commonly used for commercial purposes and 75 ohm cables for household purposes.
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