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The Uses of Custom Lanyards And Wristbands

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-22
Lanyards are increasingly finding their utility in a lot of things these days. For all those who're not familiar with the term, lanyards are a piece of rope or a cord that usually hangs around the neck, and is used to hold ID Cards, USB pen drives, keys etc. Surely, by now you've visualized what lanyards are. They find their application in a lot of things apart from the usual ones which we see. They're used in the medical field for tagging patients in order to identify their condition. At other places, they are used for fund raising purposes while some people tie it around the neck of their dogs to use it as dog tags. Lanyards can be customized according to the need and this is what makes it a highly popular product.Here are various ways in which people utilize lanyards: School ID Cards: If you notice, many school uniforms are usually similar and it's difficult to identify which group of students belongs to which school. In such cases, custom lanyards are effective. They are used to hold an ID card and are worn around the neck. Lanyards are customized to carry the school logo, name and branch (in case the school has more than one branch and hence, same uniforms). Every school employees the use of lanyards. Fundraising items: Do you remember the world famous Livestrong campaign? It was solely built on custom bands and collected billions of dollars across the world. Similarly, you can have fundraising campaigns where in the money collected through the sales of plastic wristbands or lanyards would be donated for the aforementioned social cause. Such promotional campaigns might help your company do their bit of corporate social responsibility. Tagging your dogs: People hold their dogs with a leash. If the leash is customized, people will know whom the dog belongs to. A lot of times, people lose hold of the leash and the dog runs away. By tagging them with customized dog tags and lanyards that contain your contact details, you can ensure that even if the dog runs away, people who find it know whom to contact. Medical hospitals: Medical hospitals use lanyards, tags and bracelets widely. They are used in hospitals to identify patients. Medical alert bracelets can tell you which disease the patient has and the use of colors can even identify them on the basis of the stage of disease. For example, if an Alzheimer's patient who is kept inside the room for long gets fed up and goes out, people can immediately identify him by the tag and not get panicked. Instead, they can contact the medical authorities and get the patient reinstated in the hospital.
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