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The Technology Used in Remote Control Technology

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-22
Radio remote control actually uses radio waves to send commands to different devices. These remote control devices are generally used for industrial automation. These industrial wireless systems are the best for controlling the gigantic machines. They are actually used to get the interference free control. The electromagnetic waves of different frequencies are emitted through antennas and these electromagnetic waves are picked up by the radio receivers. The wireless industrial remote controls are equipped with two main control parts. One is the transmitter which is generally very powerful and can send signals within a great range. Another section of these radio remote controls is the handheld receiver control unit which catches the radio waves sent by the transmitter. Therefore, when an operator presses the button of the radio remote, the radio signal is sent from the transmitter unit to the device that you want to control. The receiver unit is installed in the device which decodes the signal and obeys the command accordingly. One of the amazing aspects of these radio remote controls is that they can send signals from greater distances. Generally the radio waves can travel as long as 100 feet to reach the receiver. During these modern days, remote control technology has developed a lot. Today, the radio remotes are not only used in controlling the garage doors or music systems. Modern remotes are used in different industrial sectors such as process controls, industrial petroleum, tank truck equipment, crane service trucks and many more. The transmitters are also more powerful as they can send signals in a huge distance. The signal sent by the transmitters can even penetrate walls. As a result an increasing numbers of modern appliances are now being designed with radio remotes. As mentioned before the modern radio remotes are used in applications that require interference free control. To ensure this most of these modern remotes are equipped with Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology. The FHSS technology prevents all types of electric or radio interference and ensures the interference free control of the gigantic devices. During any kind of signal interference the FHSS technology can shut down the whole devices keeping the system in 'fail safe' mode. This allows the system to run smoothly without any interference problem. As a result the productivity and user safety is increased. The installation of these wireless industrial devices is really easy. One can install them in the existing or new systems. They require less maintenance and can be controlled by normal 12/24 VDC lithium ion AA type battery. The battery can be charged by 12/24 VDC normal truck charger and the charger is supplied by the manufacturer. Generally all the reputed manufacturers of wireless remotes provide full servicing facility and guarantee with all kinds of products they sell. A great range of these remotes made for general purpose installation simply requires connections to power supply and the output relay screw terminals. The output relays are activated by pressing the button press on the transmitter encoder. The transmitter and the receiver are also constructed in an IP68 rated weatherproof enclosure to ensure durability of the product.
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