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The Super Portable Solar Charger With MP3 Player

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-23
Do you want to use the power of sun to service for you? Then you should say hello this is portable solar charger, which has a MP3 player built in and FM transmitter. We call it 'super', because you can use this solar charger in your car, at airport, on vacation, in remote locations or in emergency situations. Let's see what advantages this solar charger brings us. Universal Solar Charger Wherever you go, take this solar charger with you. You can use it anywhere where the sun is visible, which is everywhere on the earth, and even in outer-space! This solar charger with many adapters, that can recharger most of your electronic devices. With it, you will talk more with your phone, listen to more music with your players and more. If your devices are out of electricity, use this solar charger, only take a few hours to charge. Built in Mp3 Player If you go out for a trip, you will never take your music player, just take this solar charger. As it has a mp3 player built in. additionally, this products supports up to a 32GB Micro SD card to store all your music. So wherever you go, you can enjoy your loved music or songs with this solar charger now. FM Transmitter If you ever bought a car fm transmitter, and now, you will never use it. As this solar charger can transmit audio to FM radio speakers. So how this can improve your life? FM transmitters allows you to stream communications and entertainment directly to your car's speaker system, by means of your car radio's FM receiver. Thanks to this great functions, you can be able to listen to your music or hear your caller through the car speakers. If you drive a car for a travel, you can concentrate on driving, while listening to the music, and never miss an important call. You have dreamed about this amazing item and now the dream has come true! Also this super solar charger will come with 2GB SD card for free. So get it for yourself, your homies, or your customers. And all of you will never worry about this your electronics device run up the electricity while you are using them. If you are gadgets lovers, or travel lovers, this portable solar charger is must gadgets for you.
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