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the speed advantage of usb printer cables over serial or parallel wires

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-19
USB printer cables are those with USB standard-
Connector type and standard B-at one end-
Connector type on the other end.
Printers, scanners, and other large peripherals often use this USB cable to connect with your computer or other compatible host devices.
The printer\'s USB cable can transfer data in a faster way than the old cable, such as a parallel or serial cable.
This is due to the data transfer rate capability of the USB cable, which can theoretically run up to 480 Mbps compared to the 2 Mbps maximum transmission rate of the serial or parallel cable.
Most printers currently on the market are equipped with USB standards-
Socket and cable.
In fact, it can even be said that USB has become the standard way to connect for peripheral devices such as printers.
This development brings a better, reliable and fast printer that can print a few pages of documents in about a quarter required for the old printer to complete the same task.
Perhaps one of the best aspects of USB printer cables is that they can work on multiple platforms.
They can run well in a Windows environment, just like in the operating system running on the Macintosh computer and in the Linux/UNIX system.
Cross-platform compatibility of USB cables allows devices to work on different operating systems as long as they have the appropriate drivers.
Another advantage of this special cable is that they allow the peripheral to become switched by the HDD.
This means that you can unplug the device from the system and plug it back in without having to restart the computer or host system.
Trying to do this with a PS2 or ADB interface cable, you will definitely find that the system needs to be restarted in order for the peripherals to work again.
This feature is a boon to plug and play devices, because as long as their drivers are already included in the list of operating systems, they will be immediately identified by the system.
If the driver is not found in the OS list, the cable also helps with the easy installation process.
Although the USB printer cable has many advantages, it does not have any disadvantages at all.
One obvious drawback of these cables is their length limit.
This is because of the way the USB cable transmits and receives data.
However, this can be resolved by using a USB extender or extension cord.
The Streamline effect is another known weakness of this cable.
Many devices, such as the mouse and keyboard, need to have their own dedicated USB port to run smoothly.
If you have limited USB ports on your system, this can be a potential issue.
However, using a USB hub can help with this.
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