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The Sony Electronic Reader Is Right For You

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-23
Their main difference between this eReader and the Kindle eReader is the touchscreen interface. IPhone owners should like this attribute the most. It makes it just as enjoyable and effortless to control. To change the page all you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen or you can swipe and then hold to switch through more than one page. You can also double tap on specific works in order to look them up through the lexicon which comes preinstalled on the Sony eReader device. There is also a similar procedure for bookmarking of specific text. And no, there are no fingerprint issues due to repeated use on these devices. But, this Sony eReader device isn't only known for its appealing outer shell. Unlike the various other eReaders that you'll find in the marketplace, this particular device has additional format support. It supports RTF, ePub, BBeB, PDF and TEXT right out of the box. The hassle of having to convert your PDF files is no longer an issue with the Sony eReader. With the touchscreen I am able to zoom in and out without disturbing the layout, in addition to adding footnotes. Unlike many other eBook reading devices out there, with the Sony reader you are able to loan out books from online libraries. The preinstalled software includes a library finder with integrated ePub support as these digital lending facilities all use this format. The Sony eReader therefore makes it easier for you to loan out titles, without any of the annoying late fees. It's also possible for you to write remarks on the Sony eReader touchscreen with a stylus or a simple movement of your finger, which is especially ideal for me, as I'm usually without a ballpoint pen and some scrap paper which I would otherwise use to jot down certain things. The Sony eReader keyboard is also large enough to type from. Although the Sony eReader doesn't have wireless connectivity which you could otherwise use to download eBooks to the device, it does have a USB cable connection which you can use to transfer eBooks from your laptop or computer. The lack of wireless connectivity isn't too much of a deterrent, in my opinion. Just consider how long you typically spend surfing the internet on your computer and then consider how long it will take for you to whip out the USB connector and transfer data to your eReader device. I like to carry eBooks around on my flash drive, and unlike the various other eReaders out there, the Sony also comes with an SD card slot, which you can use to increase its memory capacity.
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