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The Rigol DS1052E: Lightweight, Portable, and Accurate

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-23
An oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument that measures varying voltage levels, on a Y axis. Generally, it will chart one or more potential electrical differences on a visible two dimensional chart. These instruments are used the exact wave shape of an electrical impulse. It can show consistency, distortions, and frequency, which is useful in science, medicine, engineering, and telecommunications. The Rigol DS1052E is a two-channel digital oscilloscope. It features a 50MHz bandwith, two channels, two probes, a USB cable, and PC sofware. It offers one gigasample per second, and one Mpts of memory depth. Choose from an array of trigger modes, including Edge, Slope, Video, Pulse Width, and Alternate. The 5.6 k TFT Color LCD screen offers a vivid waveform display with eight bits of vertical resolution, making your results easy to read and to interpret. Adjustable sensitivity allows the Rigol DS1052E to filter irrelevant noise from the larger signal and give an accurate waveform reading, avoiding false triggers. This means accurate reads on the electronic waves you want to measure without artifact measurements of those you do not. Coupled with the bright, vivid, easy to read screen, you are ensured a clear, accurate read-out. Advanced Features Ultrazoom is an important feature for the Rigol DS1052E, because it offers a sample of up to one million measurement points. This offers you the opportunity to zoom in and measure and observe a sample at any point within a given pulse. Zoom out and observe the frequency and pattern of the waveforms as they occur. A user friendly file system is built into the oscilloscope, allowing you to save information on a flash drive or download it onto your computer. A USB cord is provided. While the device, itself, is lightweight and portable, the convenience of carrying your results in a flash drive is invaluable, and it gives you the ability to demonstrate or display your results in various venues and environments. Because the Rigol DS1052E is Pict Certified, you have the opportunity to connect a printer to the USB host port on your device and print out your measurement results. A hard copy of your findings can be copied, shared, and filed, making your research and findings more readily available to all who need access to them. Adjustable trigger sensitivity is the feature which truly makes this a dependable, accurate device. You can choose the sensitivity level at which you will be working, allowing as much or as little of the outside electrical activity and noise to interfere as you wish. Get a crisp, clear reading of only the activity you are interested in measuring by adjusting the sensitivity level accordingly. Depending on the purposes of your research and the details you need from your findings, you are able to use waveform intensity adjustments to personalize your on-screen read-outs. This does not change your findings, but rather, your view of the waveforms, so that you can study them in as much or as little detail as necessary for your research.
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