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the ridiculously early holiday gift guide!

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-02
The holiday shopping season is here before you know it.
Kidz Wiz, Dick de Bartolo (@TheGizWiz)
By the way, show off the big holiday gifts of 2012.
Party Animals, about $25.
Enjoy your favorite tunes with these soft plush party animals.
Everyone has a built-in
In the speaker, rotate, twist, and rotate with the beat of your favorite music.
Just plug them into the headphone jack for MP3, smartphone, radio, etc.
Let them dance.
DJ Rock Dock for less than $20
This SmartLab kit allows children aged 8 and older to build a mini working speaker dock for iPod, iTouch or MP3 players. Pre-
Foldable paper case and circuit board printed.
Tools are not needed.
This is a unique kit to teach kids basic electronics while creating available gadgets!
ClipSYNC under $20
Great socks.
It comes with a complete
The size of the charging and sync cable is small enough to clip on the belt or keychain.
Both IPod/iPhone and Micro & Mini USB models are available.
The new model, made of sturdy aluminum, is better able to withstand wear and tear during operation.
The price of log pillows is under $19.
Now anyone can sleep like a log. on a log!
This bead cushion-
Looks like a big log!
The pillow is light weight so you can even cram it into the car to travel.
Belkin @ TV Plus, less than $170.
Watch home DVR/cable box videos on your tablet, smartphone or laptop via Wi-
Fi or connected via 3g/4g honeycomb. (
Yes, like the old slingshot, but the price is much lower).
It can also be recorded directly on mobile devices.
Watch @ ABC wherever you go!
Shopthead, $350.
The price is expensive, but maybe the whole family can make money for others.
They look like normal glasses, but they shoot 1080 p HD video!
There are also fashionable sunglasses.
The increase was less than $40.
Put your smartphone on Boost and it magically zooms in the sound. No wires. No Bluetooth. No synching. No problem.
Auxiliary line-
Provide in Jack for devices without external speakers.
RC heated insole for less than $100.
Of course, the country is now suffering from a heat wave, but when the holidays come, anyone who goes out will suffer from a cold foot.
These insoles are charged wirelessly and operated by remote control!
They enjoy the warm comfort of up to five hours! More info: www. gizwiz.
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