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The Most Important Droid 3 Accessories

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-24
Droid 3 accessories are available for users who want to enhance the style and productivity of their devices. The Droid 3 is an Android powered cell phone constructed by the Motorola company. It is one of the hottest smartphones on the market because of its many capabilities. The Droid 3 has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for people who prefer a physical keyboard to the touch screen found on most Android devices. Users can choose which method they would like to use for typing and navigation. A person who has recently purchased one of these devices can find accessories in a multitude of locations. Droid 3 Cases and Pouches One of the most important accessories for this smartphone is a case or pouch. A cell phone case or pouch not only protects the unit from falls, but also it helps the user keep it in a close place. Most pouches have a clip on the back that attaches to the user's pants. While that person is working, he or she can keep the cell phone tucked away in the pouch with easy access. There is a plethora of cases and pouches available through many retailers. Colors, styles and textures vary with each retailer. These items also range in price from about $8 to $30. Car Chargers Another essential accessory for any person who owns a Droid 3 and a vehicle is a car charger. Car chargers connect to the lighter input and rejuvenate the cell phone battery while the user is driving. This item is necessary for any smartphone user because smartphone batteries have shorter life spans. The applications and processes that come with these devices take a toll on the battery life very quickly. Buying a car charger will ensure that the user has power to contact someone in the case of an emergency. A consumer can buy a car charger alone or as a part of an accessory bundle with other important items. Screen Protectors Most people who own a Droid 3 spent a large amount of money to obtain it. Therefore, protecting the sensitive screen is crucial. Keeping the screen protected will ensure that the phone has a high resale value and makes navigation easy for the user. Screen protectors are inexpensive film coatings that repel harmful items such as dust, fingernails and sharp objects. A cell phone owner can purchase a screen protector for less than 10 dollars and keep his or her unit in pristine condition. Many other Droid 3 accessories are available. Enthusiastic device owners can change the look and feel of their units to match their personalities. They can also purchase items such as Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and extended batteries that increase the phone's productivity.
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