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The Impressive HTC Sensation Provides Numerous

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-25
The HTC Sensation is a powerful and versatile Android smartphone which lends itself to a variety of tasks. In this article I will look at some of the apps which drivers may find useful. Although illegal to talk on a phone while driving (without a handsfree kit) in many countries like the UK, smartphones like the HTC Sensation can still be used for a variety of tasks when on the road. Below I will look at a few of these. Making Phonecalls As mentioned, using a phone in the conventional way while driving is a big 'no no' in several countries. However the HTC Sensation makes it convenient and above all safe to talk while operating a vehicle. It comes with a speakerphone function as standard, so when you make or answer an incoming call, simply touch the on screen speakerphone symbol, and you will be able to hear the person at the other end clearly and loudly, so you can concentrate on the road and have both hands free while talking. The HTC Sensation also has Bluetooth v3.0 built in, so you can pair the handset with a Bluetooth enabled headset, which also allows you to keep your hands free to drive properly. Music We all like to listen to our favourite tunes while we are driving, and the HTC Sensation also has you covered in this department. The Bluetooth connectivity also comes in handy here if your vehicle is Bluetooth enabled. If it is, you can sync your handset with your car, and you can then wirelessly stream music through your car's speakers. Additionally, several car stereo models have a USB plug, so you can plug your phone directly into this if your car is not Bluetooth enabled. Directions Many people use a SatNav device to provide turn by turn directions, but the HTC Sensation is capable of replacing such devices, which can be a real money saver. By enabling GPS and using the HTC Locations app, you have a SatNav device which is nearly identical to the expensive standalone satellite navigations units. It even speaks turn by turn directions, and when using it I noticed it even says road names, unlike a standard SatNav unit I have used in the past. When using it, you can have your phone plugged into a car charger so you do not need to worry about battery usage, as it will charge while in use. As an added bonus, if you use the HTC Locations app rather than say, Google maps, it does not use any of your precious mobile data allowance or require a Wi-Fi connection. As you can see, if you take the time to explore all the features offered by the HTC Sensation (all features mentioned in this article is included as standard with the phone), you will probably find more than you expected, and the driving features perfectly illustrate this, with the SatNav function being particularly impressive.
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