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The Convenience Of USB Extension Cables

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-20
USB extension wires are very reasonably priced and it's a surprise why there are not many people buying them given that they are so useful. Think of an occasion when you had to do some thing on your PC that could have been simpler by using an extension cable. Maybe that was an occasion at home when you had to print something and had to lug your inkjet printer over to your personal computer to do this. It would appear that whenever you buy a peripheral for instance a scanning device or perhaps printer it comes with a Universal Series Bus extension cord that's way too short. Many products come built with a cable which is merely a couple of feet long that makes it rather limited when connecting things to your PC. In addition, it makes for a rather cluttered table with so many electronic devices needing to be close by. It is possible to purchase USB extension cables from any kind of electronics shop and even in many decent supermarkets nowadays and they can be bought for as little as $5. Usually you'll find these close to nine ft long however they are offered in many more lengths. This makes it much more useful when working with such things as printers and also scanning devices, especially if they are being shared by other computers. In case you have several computer systems sharing peripherals you may want to think about creating a network. However, normally it isn't really essential for a home. An office would likely benefit from a local area network. With a host in position as well as other personal computers and units connected via a hub, computer systems are able to share info and peripherals will never have to be moved around. In most cases Ethernet or USB extension wires are going to be used for connecting devices to the main hub or host because offices can be extremely large. Due to Windows plug and play feature, you'll find it very simple to setup printers as well as other devices. Configuring devices takes very little time since you will only have to set up the host PC which the rest of the computers communicate with. USB extension cables require no outside power to work and can be plugged in and working in seconds. If you look around, you'll notice that everything from cameras, external hard disks, internet cams and also voice over IP phones are usually connected using USB, thus it seems sensible to possess an extra cable in case one goes wrong. Although the future seems in favor of wireless technology and communication, it will be several years until this becomes common and takes over the usage of USB cables.
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