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The connector cable manufacturer is how to increase the productivity of the product?

by:ShunXinda      2020-03-21
For manufacturing, how to improve the production efficiency, it is every enterprise in the research of problem. Products on the assembly line production efficiency will be affected by the production management personnel, production equipment, material preparation, operation method and working environment, etc. Such as molding lines, electronic wiring harness products, these wire processing material cost is very high, the profit is very low, many enterprises in the wiring harness processing efficiency does not go up and misery. As a production of connectors, cable production enterprise, how to improve the productivity of the product? Small make up some information, to find the following for everyone to share! < / p> < / p> a. In technology < / p> enterprise production technology is the source of the quality and efficiency, mature processing technology and molding design precision directly affects the forming quality and efficiency, the use of better production technology, machinery, automation equipment, etc. < / p> 2. < / p> move production in terms of staff member's enthusiasm and working enthusiasm, make the staff consciously devote more energy to produce, develop employees own biggest potential, reduce the invalid time staff, strict enforcement of rules and regulations, establish rewards and punishment mechanism, etc. < / p> 3. < / p> in machinery and equipment related to do well, head of the molding machine and mold maintenance, improve equipment production speed and regulated rate, reduce downtime, the standby time for daily maintenance and reduce down time and so on. < / p> 4. Raw materials < / p> managers need to prepare production incoming inspection to ensure that production of the material is qualified, reasonable division of material storage area, less time looking for material, improve the production efficiency. < / p> 5. < / p> line in terms of program management to the arrangement of the reasonable and effective production process, to prevent the repeated work, a reasonable processing bottleneck process, reasonable arrangement of production plan, to avoid frequent replacement products production, etc. < / p> 6. In the < / p> enterprise production environment in order to create a good working environment, work atmosphere, make the staff have a comfortable working environment and a good mood, reduce staff assignments such as fatigue and aversion to work. < / p> 7. In system management < / p> < p> a enterprise with a standardized and streamlined system is the fundamental guarantee to build a good production team, in the normal and standard process system on the basis of the production team all have to work in the usual training and form a good habit, and enterprise itself must have good technology and excellent style < / p> < p> < / p>
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