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the bizarre \'personal movie headset\' that can put a 3d cinema screen in front of your face without you ever having to leave your couch

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-30
Imagine a 3D cinema experience without the need to leave the comfort of the sofa.
This will become a reality with Cinera\'s 3D stereo headset.
There are 2 pairs of headphones.
5 k display, providing an immersive 3D movie experience without reducing image quality and causing nausea
This happens when watching movies with traditional 3D glasses in cinemas.
The headset has a Kickstartercampaign that offers a wide view of 66 degrees, similar to watching a movie in the cinema.
Running on Android, this headset features HDMI, USB, and micro-USB inputs that allow content to be taken from a range of devices. It\'s also Wi-
Fi is enabled, allowing users to play content from the Internet.
According to Cinera, in order to experience 3D, most cinemas project two different images to the same screen through a polarization filter, and 3D glasses filter out the image so that only one version can be seen by one eye
But by doing so, 75 of the light in the image will be lost and the image will never match exactly, causing the clarity of the image to drop, and why some people feel sick when watching these movies.
However, Cinera claims
The screen system eliminates this problem because each of your eyes has its own separate display panel and light path, no filters and no loss of quality, so the image is brighter, more vivid 3D images.
Most of the existing headphones use a screen and divide it from the middle into the left and right areas.
While the headset has its own headset, it can also be used with an adjustable \"arm\" that puts the headset in front of the eye without holding the user\'s head.
The \"no burden arm\" of the built-in pump allows the user to move the headset to almost any position without a lot of pressure.
However, there is an embedded 4-
Hourly battery, recommended to users who operate a first person view drone-
This means that a camera is installed on the drone and a live video is broadcast to the pilot on the ground so that the pilot feels like he is flying the plane.
So far, the device has raised $205,193 on Kickstarter
This is more than four times its original target of $50,000.
Promise $449 or more and you will get a headset as well as a power supplycharger, micro-
USB arm and load-free arm.
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