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the best smartphones of 2009

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-14
BOSTON (TheStreet)—
Smartphone makers have raised stakes this year with more stylish designs, better touch screens and new apps.
The consumer responded with an open wallet: \"I want one too . \".
According to Gartner (IT)
Smartphones are the fastest.
Part of the growth in the mobile phone market this year, sales grew from 0. 318 billion in 2008 to 0. 411 billion in the previous quarter. (IT)
The battle for smartphone dominance has escalated as rapidly as Nokia (
Stock Quote: NOK)
The market dominance of its Symbian OS phones is shrinking.
Nokia\'s share fell from 47% at the end of last year to 39% in the quarter.
At the same time, the research on MotionRIMM)(
Stock Quote: RIMM)
BlackBerry accounts for 20% of the market all year,AAPL -Get Report)(
Stock Quote: AAPL)
The IPhone\'s share rose from 11% to 17%.
Not three anymore. horse race.
RIM, Apple, Google (GOOG -Get Report)(
Stock Quote: GOOG), Motorola (MOT)and Palm (PALM)
Seeing huge gains from their smartphone business, there is enough wealth to move around. (IT)(RIMM)(AAPL -Get Report)(GOOG -Get Report)(MOT)(PALM)
Apple iPhone 3GS (IT)(NOK -Get Report)(RIMM)(AAPL -Get Report)(GOOG -Get Report)(MOT)(PALM)
Carrier: AT&T (
Stock Quote: T)
Price: $200-$300 (IT)(NOK -Get Report)(RIMM)(AAPL -Get Report)(GOOG -Get Report)(MOT)(PALM)
Pros: there is a reason why the iPhone\'s share of the BlackBerry smartphone market is close.
There are so many toys to play with, especially when the number of apps is close to the research firm IDC\'s estimate of 300,000. The 16-to 32-
The gigabit memory and upgrade of the iPhone operating system meet the user\'s demand for speed, while the standard video recording and voice dialing capabilities on the phone expand the iPhone\'s market.
Its GSM digital format also makes it easier to become a global travel partner than CDMA peers.
Cons: It may be popular, but the iPhone still won\'t let the user change the battery or take pictures. Its 3-
The megapixel camera is the weakest of its kind, its Bluetooth connection still does not allow file transfer, there is no memory card and the voice quality is still poor.
Most importantly, the United StatesS.
Users are AT&T (T -Get Report)
A plan of about $90 a month, sometimes offering services equivalent to cans and ropes.
If AT&T is a tent, the iPhone will be the only pillar to support it.
Motorola Droid (T -Get Report)
Carrier: Verizon (
Stock Quote: VZ)(VZ -Get Report)
Price: $199-$599 (T -Get Report)(VZ -Get Report)
Pros: there is a solid foundation for working with Web browsers and map/GPS features through Google.
The touch screen/keyboard combo is a good upgrade in the game while 5-
Millions of pixel cameras, micro USB ports, microSD ports that can scale memory to 32 gb and 7 hours of talk time can be combined into a solid smartphone. (T -Get Report)(VZ -Get Report)
Cons: It\'s on Verizon and it\'s great as long as you\'re in the US.
Take it abroad and you will bring a shiny brick with you.
Its video display is gorgeous, but the service provided by its player is limited.
It sounds good from the music, but if you are not willing to download songs from Amazon, a wire transfer or memory card file transfer is required.
The relatively flat nature of the keyboard makes it a little more convenient than the touch screen. T-
Mobile MyTouch 3g: T-Mobile (T -Get Report)(VZ -Get Report)
Price: $180-$600 (T -Get Report)(VZ -Get Report)
Pros: If you\'re in T-
Mobile devices, but the desire for the iPhone, this is just as good. This Android 1. 5-
Microsoft Exchange and Outlook e-Drive touch screen sync
Voice to users-
Command version of good things like Google browser and map.
MP3 players are more
Apple products, and 3. 2-
Display Video miracles in inches.
This is also a trip. friendly GSM.
(T -Get Report)(VZ -Get Report)
Cons: Aspiring iPhones have to accept good and bad.
MyTouch comes with a trivial 4 gigabytes of memory, which will be easy to upgrade if the memory card slot is not as inaccessible as the green area in Baghdad.
Lack of power 3. 1-
The Megapixel camera has no flash, its voice quality is the refurbished squawk box, and its virtual keyboard makes it very difficult to dial up and other interfaces.
Carrier of Palm Pre: Sprint (S -Get Report)(Stock Quote: S)(S -Get Report)Price: $150-
$750 professional: Card-
Shuffle multitasking is very sweet, constantly updating contacts, calendars and messages from various sources such as Facebook, Outlook and Gmail.
The web search function is also noteworthy, and the search term can be automatically pasted into various engines.
Pinch and double
Tapping zoom is as easy to navigate as an iPhone, but sliding the touch screen also generates a keyboard when needed. With Wi-
The compatibility and voice quality of Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, Microsoft and Mac remind you that this is a mobile phone, why did Palm\'s share price not excite users this year?
Cons: because although Pre tries to combine the advantages of BlackBerry and iPhone, both are a little shy.
The Palm operating system can be a little sleepy at times, while its small, bulky keyboard is weak. 1-
The megapixel camera and 8 gigabytes of memory combine the worst side of RIM and Apple\'s world.
The service area of Sprint is higher than AT&T and T-
It is smaller than Verizon\'s and does not allow international configuration.
Most of Pre\'s apps are retention programs from old Palm products, and its latest apps are not ready for prime time.
Almost 2010-
Where is voice dialing?
Price: $179-BlackBerry Storm 2 carrier: Verizon
$699 professional: Wi-
There shouldn\'t be too many requirements for Fi, but at least RIM added it to this model.
Even though it\'s Verizon\'s phone, Storm 2 is a world phone that switches from CDMA abroad to GSM, providing more space for roaming.
It has all the Microsoft and IBM sync features that BlackBerry can offer, and it can also accommodate websites such as Facebook and MySpace.
Touch screen/keyboard combo, Bluetooth 2.
0 and microSD card slots that can hold up to 32 gb of memory are also good options.
Cons: BlackBerry does not perform well on the touch screen, and its latest product is no exception.
As the browser is not as friendly as Apple, Google or Palm, the touch screen will have problems with the business --
For BlackBerry users.
Nokia n97 operators: AT&T and T-
Mobile phone price: $500-
$600 pro: Bluetooth 2 offers a touch screen and keyboard to tilt up the sliding screen to watch the video. 0 and a 5-
Million pixel camera with flash.
It also has 32 gb of memory, which can be expanded to 48 gb through the microSD expansion slot. Its built-
Include YouTube in the app-
Specific players and AP News while it\'s the world-
Roaming makes it low
Maintain global travel partners.
Did you see the price?
Sure, you\'ll get an unlocked phone, but if you lose six Franklin\'s on your smartphone, it shouldn\'t have a touch screen, more difficult to use than less expensive touch screens like iPhone and Pre.
Compared with Apple, Palm and Google, its Symbian operating system is starting to look out of date. —
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