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the avoided crisis in the bus industry

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-17
For many South Africans, the only way from A to B is public transportation, for many years, millions of people rely on the public transport system to ensure that they will never miss a semester, work appointment, job interview or holiday booking at school.
The bus industry in South Africa is very important for most people, especially those who travel long distances, which is why in the past few years, by introducing more bus service providers, such as APM and Intercity Express.
However, the industry is constantly failing every day, disappointing consumers and doing nothing about it.
There is no difference between different bus service providers and politicians in the country, because they have also made great promises to attract consumers, but have never fully fulfilled their promises.
The long bus ride has gone from a pleasant relaxing tour of reading books or watching movies to a terrible experience that plagues travelers a few days after the event.
The introduction of new service providers should be a challenge to the industry and shape it in order to serve travelers in accordance with the advertising and website commitments of these service providers.
However, as politically, new service providers do not change the terrible status quo they find in the industry, but tend to accept it.
Take the APM as an example, when it comes out, it promises to change the way people travel, but it fails in doing so.
They promise that their prices will be fixed and will not change frequently according to the principles of demand and supply, but they have deviated from the same goal of having travellers seek asylum in them.
This is just an example of how terrible the bus industry is for travelers.
Bus service providers promise to offer things like on-
There are Boardwalk entertainment, recliner chairs, music and many rest stations along the way.
Travelers are attracted by these promises, only disappointed when buying ticketsboard.
For example, autopax City to City and Trunslux promise-
But never delivered, instead, the driver puts in a USB and plays the songs he likes throughout the journey from departure to arrival.
To make matters worse, the price of the tickets already includes these services, so if they are not delivered, consumers will be robbed of the hard-earned money they make, like buying a loaf of bread, take a piece home.
For bus service providers, safety is no longer a priority, they promise that their buses will be checked by experts in the warehouse before departure, but this is not always the case, this is wrong because security must always be in the first place and there is no need for compromise to be done.
Unfortunately, we have seen on social media over the years that people complain that buses often break down and service providers and authorities do nothing.
The attitude of the employees in the bus industry is a problem. The bus driver forgets a simple business principle, that is, listening to the voice of consumers at all times.
It is well known that drivers are known for talking to travelers in condescending and belittling ways.
When the dispute happens, they yell at the consumer rather than settle it amicably.
The most important reason for this crisis is the lack of accountability of service providers, who never apologize or solve the problems they bring to them.
How many times people post on the service provider\'s website and social media are told to forward their numbers and ticket references.
In the bus industry, there are many hidden painful stories about the victims of the crisis.
The authorities do not care about the horrors experienced by travellers, there are many entities authorized to ensure the accountability of service providers, but the crisis remains.
The people must stand and demand accountability, otherwise the crisis will continue at the expense of innocent travellers.
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