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The Audi S5 Engine Wins - Again

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-27
The 2013 Audi S5 is a road-devouring beast, thanks to adaptive suspension, an active differential with its Quattro all-wheel-drive system and a supercharged engine churning out 333 bhp mated with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The Audi S5 3.0 TFSI V6 engine has just been awarded the best engine for the fourth year running. The 2013 S5 has lots of gadgetry and is almost perfect due to its solid engineering and electronics. The S5 has an excellent and comfortable drive, and is exciting on B roads. Cabin technology and driver assistance systems are both ground-breaking and useful. The S5 has a loveable design and the latest model has the same compact, lustrous coupe body. There are minor changes to headlights and grille. The S5's rear seats come down, making lots of space for the luggage. The S5 has unmatched technology inside the cabin. The Google Maps based navigation system is the headliner. These maps work through a live 3G connection. The car also has a complete set of basic standard navigation maps. You can enter addresses or look up points of interest using the MMI controller on the console. Audi S5 doesn't have the same touch pad as the A7. However, it still has an impressive voice command system. The data connection also gives you weather, news and petrol price updates. You can easily find a nearby petrol station and go get the tank filled. The price listed is also very accurate. One thing that is missing from the in-car data services is social apps, such as Twitter or Facebook. It can stream via Bluetooth from your iPhone, showing track lists on its LCD. It also has a USB adapter cable and auxiliary input adapter. There are two slots on the dashboard which support MP3 tracks stored on SD cards. However, inserting a CD can be harder but the car rips it to the hard drive. Audi is renowned for its interiors in the industry. The interiors feel very solidly engineered. A five star Euro NCAP rating means safety is absolutely first class. S5 hasn't faced any major recalls so regular servicing should make it run for long. The Audi S5 has some flaws too. It has an engine which is petrol thirsty and it is pricier than an S4. It can also be too understated for some. However, it boasts fantastic performance, great looks and premium interior quality. The Audi S5 blends scorching performance, luxury and practicality to give an attractive package.
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